Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a complex medical issue. The physical dependence and mental cravings for drugs when addiction is an issue can be overwhelming and scary. Rarely a condition that can be conquered alone, addiction treatment is recommended for those dealing with addiction or dependence upon any drug, including but not limited to heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, prescription medications and alcohol. At the right addiction treatment center, you can get the detox and addiction treatment you need, no matter what your drug of choice is.

drugs and alcoholThe alcohol and drug rehab and mental health treatment program options at Michael’s House offer a fully integrated continuum of outpatient support and residential addiction treatment services. In order to offer the best services and the greatest likelihood of positive outcomes, we incorporate best practices in addiction and behavioral health treatments – this means that each program is highly individualized and client-directed. We recognize that offering motivational services based on each client’s individual stage of readiness will promote engagement, retention, and solid long-term recovery outcomes.

How Can Treatment Help You?

Millions of people suffer from alcohol and drug addiction every year, and for this reason, the need for quality addiction treatment programs has never been greater. However, many people suffer from other addiction issues, and a large number of those living with an addiction to an illicit substance also struggle with co-occurring addictions and disorders.

An addiction treatment program should be competent in providing you with all of the psychotherapeutic and medical care you need to successfully combat all of these issues in one comprehensive program:

  • Mood disorders. Depression, bipolar disorder and mania are some of the most common mood disorders that afflict those living with drug and alcohol addiction. In most cases, substance abuse began in an attempt to medicate and balance the mood swings.
  • Compulsion disorders. Problem gambling, gambling addiction, shopping compulsions and sex addictions are often integrated with drug and alcohol addiction and often related to obsession compulsion disorder (OCD). In some cases, patients only experience the urge to perform these behaviors while they are under the influence while, in other cases, the compulsion preceded the addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Eating disorders. Anorexia, bulimia, food addiction and other maladaptive issues with food can be the impetus for drug and alcohol addiction. In other cases, patients begin to abuse certain drugs in order to further their weight goals or to escape shame and guilt associated with their food relationships and behaviors.
  • Behavioral disorders. Behavioral disorders generally strike children but adult ADD, ADHD and other behavioral issues can be a problem for adults as well, and many living with these issues turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate.
  • Social disorders. Social phobias and anxiety disorders often plague those with substance abuse addictions. Many turn to alcohol and other “social” drugs in order to make it easier to fend off the symptoms of their social disorder and enjoy themselves or function more smoothly in social situations.

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Important Facts

  • Most people who need addiction treatment never receive it. A survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that there are more than 23 million people in the United States currently suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, yet fewer than 10 percent of these high-risk individuals never actually receive care from an addiction treatment facility.
  • A good attitude pays dividends. Those individuals who maintain a positive mental attitude during addiction treatment report the highest levels of success. Like anything in life, the more an individual puts into their own recovery, the more they will get out of it.
  • Family plays a role in addiction treatment. In many addiction recovery programs, an individual’s family will play a key role. Family members may be asked to attend specific family counseling where they will learn how to help their loved one maintain sobriety and also have a forum for discussing the trust issues that have arisen as a result of the individual’s addiction.
  • Addiction treatment is not just for celebrities and the wealthy. If one were to watch only the evening news or read gossip magazines, it would be easy to think that celebrities are the only ones who ever enter into alcohol and drug rehab. But the fact is that addiction treatment treats everyone the same. When an individual walks through the doors of the facility, nobody receives star treatment over anyone else. And advances in insurance and employee benefit coverage mean that these life-saving programs are available to more people.
  • It all starts with detox. The first, most crucial step in the recovery process is detox. Almost exclusively, addiction treatment programs begin with the detoxification of the recovering addict. With the alcohol or drug detox process, the individual gives the harmful toxins associated with these substances a chance to leave their system. As a result, they will overcome their physical addiction and be ready to move forward with counseling, aftercare and the remainder of treatment.


How to Know When You Need Addiction Treatment

The signs and symptoms of an addiction that requires treatment can be very obvious in some situations and more obscure in others. When you are actively living as an addict, it can be even more difficult to discern whether or not your drug use and abuse has risen to heights that require medical treatment. The very nature of the disease means that you are unable to make clear and objective decisions concerning your well-being and your health. Your addiction won’t let you.

Do You Need Help?

If you can answer “yes” to more than two of these questions, then you need addiction treatment. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have you tried to quit using drugs or alcohol on your own without success?
  • Do your friends, co-workers, family members and/or doctors tell you that you need to stop drinking or using drugs?
  • Have you lost your spouse, children, job or financial status due to your drug addiction?

Fight Drug and Alcohol Addiction at Michael’s House

Michael’s House is a residential addiction treatment program located in the beautiful city of Palm Springs, California. Michael’s House provides a groundbreaking “whole body” approach to alcohol and drug rehab that treats the mind, body and spirit of the individual in concert.

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