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There are a number of different alcohol addiction treatment methods available, and in most cases, a combination of appropriate treatments or therapies are the best way to treat alcoholism. Those who experience withdrawal symptoms will need to start with alcohol detox and medical care. Afterward, alcohol addiction treatment that addresses the psychological issues entrenched in alcoholic behaviors makes up the bulk of treatment. When alcohol rehab is complete, sober living is an option that can help alcoholics to practice what they’ve learned during treatment while remaining in a protected environment.

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Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Alcohol detox is a very important first step in alcohol addiction treatment. Without medical care to address withdrawal symptoms, the need to self-medicate those withdrawal symptoms will likely override any real attempts at abstinence. Few alcoholics can stop drinking on their own – and it isn’t safe to try. Too often, underlying medical issues can cause complications and the withdrawal symptoms themselves can be severe. It is far safer and more effective to wait to stop drinking until you have the medical care and supervision of professionals who are trained in substance abuse treatment and alcohol detox.

Psychological Treatment

Often, alcoholism begins as an attempt to deal with trauma and co-occurring diagnoses that come with psychological symptoms that are tough to manage. Psychological addiction treatment at alcohol rehab helps you to work through these issues – or at least begin the healing process. Through personal therapy, group therapy and sharing, experiential therapy and alternative treatments, you can discuss some of what happened to you before and during active addiction and process through many of the emotions that result. If a co-occurring diagnosis is the issue, you can get the help you need to more effectively deal with issues like depression, anxiety, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, fear and other symptoms without turning to alcohol.

Sober Living After Treatment

Many alcoholics find that they need more than a seven-day detox or a 30-day alcohol rehab program to heal before heading home to put the principles of sobriety into practice. Sober living homes can provide a safe place to begin the transition process, offering the same drug-free environment and accountability experienced at alcohol rehab but with a little more freedom to begin to create a new life in the community. Accompanied by sober companions, you can leave the sober living estate to look for and/or go to a job, attend school or go to 12-step meetings out in the community. Creating a support system out in the “real world” while still living safely in the alcohol-free world of recovery provides the extra support necessary to make the transition into sober life and decrease the risk of relapse.

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