Adventure therapy offers patients the opportunity to develop important life skills by exploring personal issues beyond the walls of the treatment center in a safe, supportive environment under the guidance and support of trained mental health professionals and certified Wilderness First Responders. Activities may include hiking, rock climbing, zip lining and cooperative teambuilding games. At Michael’s House, adventure therapy is an integrated piece of each patient’s daily routine.

Each experience is designed so the individual can face and overcome addiction, mental health issues and behavioral problems. Participants develop important life skills that can benefit them throughout their recovery, such as the importance of cooperating with others, working as a team and understanding the impact of natural consequences due to poor choices.

As the patient advances through their continuum of care program, they level up to the next experience. Each standalone adventure prepares the patient to reach beyond their current beliefs and personal limitations. Michael’s House outpatient also offers continuing adventures in recovery.

Level one (stabilization):

Patients are encouraged to take walks in the park and engage in the holistic program during detoxification.

Level two:

During early integration at the men’s and women’s house, the gym is added to the program. Exercise has been shown to have significant and important effects on mental health and emotional well-being.

Level three:

Patients who have reached level three begin to explore the surrounding mountain trails, add indoor rock climbing and equine therapy.

Level four:

Advanced hiking trails are added to the patients’ schedules. Other additions include the dimension of working as part of a team with foot golf and the mystery room.

Level five:

This level is reserved for patients who are involved in our outpatient program. Activities include hiking in Joshua Tree National Park, zip lining, horseback riding and a 20-mile bike ride along the fault line.

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