How Alcoholism Destroys the Family

Depression and Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is an insidious disease, one that slowly begins to unravel the fabric of the family and create a mess that takes years to fix. When your spouse is addicted to alcohol, it can break down the marriage, causing issues of trust and communication problems. When a parent is an alcoholic, children feel unsafe and often are neglected, making poor choices for their own futures when left to their own devices. When a teenager is addicted to alcohol, problems between parents, between parents and teens, and among other siblings can wreak havoc.

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When a Spouse Has Alcoholism

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When one spouse is drinking heavily, every family endeavor comes to a halt. It’s tough to maintain a budget when one person is drinking and spending goes out the window. The ability to communicate or make plans for the family to enjoy becomes more difficult if the alcohol-addicted spouse ends up drinking at those occasions – or doesn’t come. Rather than focusing on each other or children, the focus of the relationship becomes alcohol addiction and all the problems it brings, including legal issues, debt and bankruptcy, and marital issues.  The non-addicted spouse usually ends up inadvertently enabling the addicted partner by “cleaning up” after the mistakes they made due to alcohol addiction with neighbors, children, extended family and at their job. The result is a situation in which it remains comfortable for the addicted spouse to continue drinking without seeking alcohol addiction treatment.

When a Parent has Alcoholism

Children who grow up in homes where one or both parents are alcoholics end up struggling with issues that follow them for a lifetime. Neglect and even abuse of children are often the result when a parent has an alcohol addiction and does not seek help. Kids often end up fending for themselves, feeling emotionally abandoned and developing self-esteem issues that cause them to make poor choices, including unprotected sex at an early age, skipping school, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Teen Alcoholism Hurts the Family

When a child begins to drink excessively and develops a teen alcohol addiction, it can turn the dynamics of the relationships between everyone else in the house upside down. Parents often argue, blaming each other for their teen’s alcohol addiction and disagreeing on how to best help their child. The addicted teen may shut down completely, making it difficult for parents to figure out what is going on and why. Other siblings may resent the problems caused by the addicted teen and/or follow in his or her footsteps. In general, little occurs in the way of family bonding and unity when one member is an alcoholic.

Begin to Mend Your Family With Alcoholism Treatment at Michael’s House

Family therapy and alcohol addiction treatment for your addicted family member can kick-start the process of recovery. Contact us today at Michael’s House to find out how we can aid your family in the mending process after alcohol addiction.


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