rehab and marriageFor spouses living with a partner who has an active and unrelenting alcohol addiction, a lifetime’s worth of marital dreams is often placed on the outcome of an alcohol rehab program. Hopeful spouses encourage their husbands or wives to enroll in treatment, believing that all the problems in their marriage will be healed when alcohol addiction is addressed. Some even threaten divorce if their alcoholic spouse refuses to enter alcohol rehab.

In some cases, alcohol rehab is a godsend for a marriage. Addicted spouses get the treatment and care they need to get better, and the spouses at home are ready to put in the work to get through the hard parts. In other cases, it turns out that alcohol addiction was only one of many crippling problems in the marriage. In these cases, though alcohol rehab still made a difference for the addicted spouse, it wasn’t as helpful when it came to saving the marriage.

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The Hope Rehab Provides for Your Marriage

Alcohol rehab is a medical treatment program that offers alcoholics the care and attention they need to make real progress in leaving alcohol addiction behind forever. For a marriage, this can mean everything. Behavior and choices made under the influence may disappear when the addicted spouse gets clean and sober and stops drinking. Sincere apologies for mistakes made during addiction can begin the healing process when they get back home.

Alcohol rehab can also be the place where family therapy begins. Though you and your spouse will likely need to continue attending therapy for a while after the addicted spouse returns home, the healing can begin in a safe place for both parties. Working with a therapist who specializes in substance abuse treatment can really help both spouses to get the help, support and encouragement they need to work through the difficulties that come with new sobriety.

What Treatment Cannot Do for Your Marriage

alcohol treatment at michael's houseAlcohol rehab is there to provide medical and psychological treatment for the addicted spouse and help him or her to begin the process of recovery. There are a few options of support and care for family members, but the focus is on the addicted spouse. In other words, there is significant treatment or therapeutic care provided to spouses at alcohol rehab. It is important that spouses take it upon themselves to attend therapy, seek help at codependency support groups, and learn how to identify themselves independently of their spouse and their spouse’s addiction.

Treatment for Your Spouse at Michael’s House

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