Alcoholism Rehabilitation Facility

Alcoholism Rehabilitation Facility
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Alcohol rehab facilities provide a number of important services for those looking to end the cycle of alcoholism and create a healthy, positive life that is alcohol-free.

The need for a Rehab Facility

First, an alcohol rehab facility can assist an individual when or she is going through alcohol withdrawal. The symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal can be quite debilitating, and the professional at an alcohol rehab facility can insure that the individual stays safe and healthy during that time.

The same holds true for the period in which the individual is going through alcohol detox. The professionals at any alcohol rehab facility know that recovery from alcoholism can’t truly begin until all the alcohol toxins are out of the individual’s body.

These trained professional know the right way (the SAFE way) to help an alcoholic detoxify.

Support – from staff and peers – is a crucial element of the alcohol rehab facility. The staff at the facility offers an expert understanding of the mental and physical elements of alcohol recovery. They can help provide a “safe landing” for the alcoholic as their body and mind adjust to a day without drinking.

Do not underestimate the power of the peer group and alcohol rehab facilities. Many individuals with drinking problems have suffered alone, in silence, for many years. These individuals don’t believe that anyone is going through a problem that is quite like theirs. Group counseling and peer-group session are an eye-opening occurrence for the recovering alcoholic. They are helped immensely by the fact that others in the room are going through the same issues they are.

Alcohol rehab facilities vary in other ways as well. Some are residences, while others provide services on an outpatient basis. The length of time one stays in an alcohol rehab facility can run anywhere from a few days, to several months. It all depends upon the types of method employed by the alcohol rehab facility as well as the severity of the individual’s alcoholism.

Some alcohol rehab facilities also provide aftercare programs. In an aftercare program, the recovering alcoholic returns for follow up classes and counseling after his or her rehab program is complete.

Aftercare services are important because they help add an additional level of accountability for the recovering alcoholic, and also because they help guide the individual back into a mainstream life without alcohol.

Many alcohol rehab facilities are quite expensive, with some even running several thousand dollars a day! Most alcohol rehab facilities, however, are more affordable -and find a way to work within the budget (or insurance plan) of the incoming patient.

Treatment at Michael’s House helps the patient get through all aspects of recovery from alcohol abuse. Through our alcohol and drug rehab and mental health facilities, we incorporate best practices in addictions and behavioral health treatments and are highly individualized and client directed.
At Michael’s House, we provide a safe haven for those recovering from alcohol addiction. Our trained, highly skilled staff is familiar with all elements of recovery and rehab. These kind, dedicated individuals help patients get through the withdrawal phase and move on to the rest of their recovery.