Drugs have been a problem in our high schools for decades now. But one thing that never seems to change is that wherever there are teenagers, there will be substance abuse and addiction issues. What has changed is the different types of substances that teenage kids are using to get high.

Consider the following information from the University of Michigan

Most commonly abused drug by High School Seniors in 1975 (% who have tried the drug)

1. Marijuana (47.3%)

2. Amphetamines (22.3%)

3. Tranquilizers (17.0%)

4. LSD (11.3%)

5. Cocaine (9.0%)

Now let’s look at the top 5 from 2006

1. Marijuana (42.3%)

2. Opiates – Heroin, Vicodin, OxyContin (14.4%)

3. Amphetamines (12.8%)

4. Inhalants (11.2%)

5. Cocaine (8.5%)

It is interesting to note that opiates and inhalants have made significant gains over the past several years, while marijuana has continued to remain atop the list. Also, in 1975 the amphetamines kids were taking were traditional “uppers”, but in 2006 the majority of amphetamines used were crystal meth – a far more dangerous drug.

If your child is struggling with drug abuse, get help immediately by contacting the caring professionals at a drug rehab and addiction treatment center in your area that works spefically with teens.