Many people believe that the United States is home to worst drug problem in the world. And while images from the evening news all over America would certainly lead one to that assumption, there are actually much more severe addiction and trafficking situation found elsewhere around the planet. Here are seven countries that have it bad when it comes to drugs.


Intravenous drug use has become a huge problem in Russia – especially among teenagers and young adults. In addition to the drug problem itself, this situation has led to one of the fastest growing HIV/AIDS epidemics on the planet. Rates of these diseases (caused by sharing dirty needles) have risen faster than anywhere outside of sub-Saharan Africa.


Heroin addiction has hit Iran hard, and the fundamental Islamic presence in the country has kept many of the addicted from receiving proper treatment. Recently, health officials and community groups had to fight just to open a methadone treatment clinic in the country. HIV/AIDS are also a growing problem in Iran.


The number one produced of the opium that fuels heroin is a country torn to shreds by drugs. World surveys have concluded that an unbelievable 90% of all heroin used in Europe can be traced back to this tiny mountainous country. In addition to trafficking, the country also has a serious heroin addiction problem, with a large percentage of the adult population struggling with a dependence on the drug – and lacking in the proper drug rehab programs to treat it.

The United States

The U.S. is not a big producer or trafficker of drugs, but it is among the world’s top users of illicit substances. Americans are at the greatest risk for drug related deaths and currently have the most serious cocaine and crystal meth problems in the world.

Great Britain

England has a high accidental overdose rate and is one of the number one users of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin in Europe. Social mores in the United Kingdom find teenagers and even pre-teens experimenting with highly dangerous drugs at an early age.