Another substance abuse setback for family of NFL head coach

August 1, 2008

Already serving time in prison for driving while under the influence of heroin, Garret Reid, the son of Philadelphia Eagles’ coach Andy Reid, was recently sentenced to two years probation recently for trying to smuggle drugs in the Montgomery County jail where he was incarcerated.

The verdict is yet another dark moment for the Reid clan. Last year, Garret’s younger brother Britt Reid served a prison sentence for a road rage/DUI incident in which he pointed a gun at another individual involved in the dispute. Britt Reid is currently enrolled in a drug rehab program.

While many feel for Reid Sr. and everything his family has been through, the coach also has his detractors, many of whom wonder how the man can continue to work an 80-plus hour a week job while his sons were busy destroying their lives. And although family matters such as this are really nobody’s concern but the family, it does raise some questions about where Reid’s priorities truly lie.

When a young person is involved with drugs or alcohol, it affects the entire family. That’s why alcohol and drug rehab facilities often include family counseling as part of their treatment program. These counseling sessions work to rebuild trust among family members and rebuild the relationships that drugs and alcohol helped to diminish.

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