Eating foods that are bad for you seem to go hand in hand with drug addiction treatment and recovery. Those recovering from opiate addiction like heroin addiction or addiction to prescription painkillers routinely crave sweets: sweet cereals, ice cream, snack cakes. For those who aren’t craving sugar, easy access to fast food when you are running to different meetings or running errands is hard to resist. The result is that you having unwittingly made your drug addiction recovery harder.


How Junk Food Hurts Drug Addiction Treatment

When you eat badly, you don’t feel good. Extra sugars and saturated fats slow everything. Your energy decreases, your brain slows down. Many people feel nauseous or have headaches. Cavities develop more frequently. Carbonated sodas can ossify your bones, making them more susceptible to breaking and, later, bone disease. Your body has a hard time processing these foods and as a result becomes more run down more quickly.

When you don’t feel good, you are more susceptible to relapse. Having a poor frame of mind due to your diet keeps you one step closer to making bad choices and less energy overall means less energy to invest in the positive new activities in your life.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for those in drug rehab to gain weight. This can be a significant issue, especially for those who started using stimulant drugs in order to lose weight. It is important to find positive ways to keep your diet healthy to avoid putting yourself in a position to feel bad about yourself.

How to Keep Junk Food Out of Your Drug Recovery Program

There are ways to make healthy food convenient, but it takes a little bit of forethought. If you live at your drug rehab, you can ask for refrigerator space to keep healthy snacks. If that’s not allowed, take an hour or two to scout around town for prepackaged salads and single serving healthy snacks or sandwiches. If you know where to go for the good stuff, you’ll be less likely to give in and choose unhealthy food on the go.

Choose Healthy Living During Drug Rehab

When you are exercising and taking care of yourself, you naturally want to eat better. Few people go for a run and then want a greasy hamburger. Your body wants to feel good and when you take the first step in that direction, you start to want to stay in that place of healthy living. Start your day with a walk or go for a run. Take another short walk after dinner and work in some weight lifting a few days a week (it doesn’t have to be high weights; just enough to work your muscles). If you find a sport you like, indulge in that. Take a yoga class or learn how to kayak. Anything to keep active.

Choosing Sober Living

If you are trying to stay clean and sober but you’re finding it difficult, a sober living home may be the right choice. When you surround yourself with people who are dedicated to staying away from drugs and alcohol, you have a better chance at maintaining your sobriety. If you’re interested in sober living, contact us at Michael’s House today. Let us help you stay on track and avoid relapse in drug addiction recovery.