Facing the Truth with Drug Addiction

August 5, 2010

The truth can cut like a knife sometimes. But no amount of pretending and ignoring will make the truth go away. Somehow, some way, the truth usually has a way of making itself known. If you have struggled with a drug addiction, you probably know this all too well. Getting sober means you’ll need to face this truth. Are you willing to keep hiding from it, or are you ready to finally face the truth in drug rehab?

Pushing Feelings Down Makes Them Pop Back Up

People have ways of protecting themselves from things that are painful or difficult to face. That’s normal and everyone does it at times. But sometimes people choose to block out the truth instead of facing it directly. Someone may have experienced traumatic events, had a chaotic family life, or endured a devastating loss. The problem begins when a person uses drugs and alcohol to help them cope.

The ironic thing about painful feelings is that the more you push them away, the stronger they seem to fight back. Imagine trying to keep an inflated ball underwater. If you let it float, it seems light and moves around gently on its own. It may bump into you at times, but it will also float away from you after a while.

But when you try to submerge the ball, suddenly it pushes back with a lot of upward force. It’s constantly trying to pop up, and you need to expend a lot of energy to keep it completely below the surface. You may never be able to keep it all the way down, even if you put all your weight on it.

This is similar to an addiction. You put a lot of effort into keeping away your painful emotions by using drugs and alcohol. You have to stay almost constantly drunk or high to keep them at bay. When they pop up, you drink or use again. It quickly becomes a vicious cycle. As the addiction takes over your life, it continues to feed itself at all costs.

Facing The Truth In Drug Rehab

For this self-destructive cycle to stop, you need to learn how to face the truth and stop using drugs. That can be tough on your own. Most people need some type of drug or alcohol treatment to get this pattern turned around. Sobriety is more than just not using addictive chemicals. You need to learn healthier ways of coping with emotions throughout your life. And that’s exactly where drug and alcohol rehab can help.

Group therapy helps you learn how to connect with others and communicate. Individual therapy gives you private personalized help. Aftercare programs and support groups help you keep your good habits long after treatment has ended. Your life changes forever once you have experienced an addiction. But with courage and support, you can have a more honest and healthy life. Drug rehab helps you face the truth and learn how to live with it.

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