You’ve been doing your thing with drugs and alcohol for while now. You try not to pester your family, and to keep a low profile from the police, and you keep to yourself. You try not to start trouble, so you’re not sure why anyone should care what you’re doing. But here’s the piece of reality you may be missing. Your drug addiction a lot of people. Not convinced of this yet? Let’s take a look at who your drug addiction hurts every day.

Drug Addiction Hurts Your Family

You may think that since you keep away from your family, your not causing any trouble. in fact, you may believe you’re saving them a lot of frustrations and problems. Most of the time you just fight anyway, so staying away has helped.

But what would happen if you were using drugs anymore? Would you have the same kind of fights? Could your relationships be better? How much do you think they worry about you when they don’t hear from you for months?

Not all families are ready for the kind of honesty sobriety required. But in many are. If you got sober, you may start a chain- reaction of positive change in your family you may never have dreamt possible.

Drug Addiction Hurts The Community

Do you recall why you keep such a low profile from the police? because you’ve been seen around too many people long rap sheets. you may think you are returning anyone because you don’t pull a knife or shoot a gun. But if you are part of the drug addiction culture in a community, you help to keep it going.

As long as you keep drug dealers and business, they can continue feeling of the people in the community. When you crash at your drug using friends houses, you keep that neighborhood unsafe and unsettled. The police use valuable time and resources to track down people causing drug related crimes. Even though you don’t see a victim, your drug addiction activity contributes to the bigger problem in your community.

Drug Addiction Hurts You

You have probably excused it, rationalized it, minimized it, reinterpreted it, and flat-out ignored it. But none of that erases the truth. Drug addiction hurts you. Your body can only take so much, and your mind can only take so much. When you learn how to live a drug addiction lifestyle, you give up on the more uplifting parts of you.

Your ability to be generous, your ability to help others in their lives, your ability to make a lasting contribution in your community, your potential and your natural gifts – all of these are squandered when you continue your drug addiction.

Your very existence is at risk. Drug addiction does all kinds of damage to your body, increasing your risk of heart disease, liver disease, breathing problems, and death from an overdose. After all this, do you really believe that your drug addiction isn’t hurting you?

Drug Addiction Hurts Everyone Involved

Drug addiction hurts so many more people than you may realize. Your family, your community, and your own life are at stake when you allow your drug addiction to continue. Getting sober takes courage, but it’s worth it. If you need help getting started with drug rehab, call today for more information.