Five ways that heroin use can kill you

Of all the drugs in the world, heroin remains one of the most dangerous. And while taking any drug to excess open the doors for a variety of serious health problems, heroin features several particularly devastating effects that can snuff out the lives of even the healthiest individuals.

5 ways that heroin can kill

1. Overdose. Heroin use is an inexact science to say the say the least. Different strengths of the drug are out on the street all the time, and the wrong one can lead to overdose in the individual who is unable to handle it.

2. Heart failure. Heroin puts a tremendous strain on the heart, and many individuals who are addicted to the drug see their heart eventually just give out.

3. Suicide. One of the symptoms of heroin addiction is depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. Many addicts feel hopeless and isolated enough to kill themselves.

4. Hepatitis B & C. Those who take the drug intervenously and share needles are at a high risk for these deadly diseases.

5. HIV/AIDS. Like Hepatitis, HIV and AIDS are contracted through the sharing of dirty needles. In fact more heroin users have died from AIDS than overdose over the past 10 years.

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