Five ways that heroin use can kill you

June 30, 2008

Five ways that heroin use can kill you

Of all the drugs in the world, heroin remains one of the most dangerous. And while taking any drug to excess open the doors for a variety of serious health problems, heroin features several particularly devastating effects that can snuff out the lives of even the healthiest individuals.

5 ways that heroin can kill

1. Overdose. Heroin use is an inexact science to say the say the least. Different strengths of the drug are out on the street all the time, and the wrong one can lead to overdose in the individual who is unable to handle it.

2. Heart failure. Heroin puts a tremendous strain on the heart, and many individuals who are addicted to the drug see their heart eventually just give out.

3. Suicide. One of the symptoms of heroin addiction is depression, which can lead to suicidal thoughts. Many addicts feel hopeless and isolated enough to kill themselves.

4. Hepatitis B & C. Those who take the drug intervenously and share needles are at a high risk for these deadly diseases.

5. HIV/AIDS. Like Hepatitis, HIV and AIDS are contracted through the sharing of dirty needles. In fact more heroin users have died from AIDS than overdose over the past 10 years.

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  1. katherine proctor December 12, 2011

    my sister was on this stuff for five years .. but she is off now and has been of since she had her litle girl and she is two.. that little girl changed her life.

    • alone November 30, 2012

      I’ve been using heroin for 3years. You couldn’t tell by talking or looking at me but im at a point in my life that i want to die so badly i pray about it.

  2. robert February 7, 2012

    my best friend from child hood “dabbled” in heroin. He unexpectedly committed suicide today 2-6-2012 age 18

    • Sydel January 14, 2013

      My nephew also passed away on 2-6-2012 do to a heroin overdose. He started by being addicted at 17 using oxyicotin. Until the pharmaceutical companies stop giving our babies high powerful Narcotics this will be the outcome!

  3. Fur Elise February 9, 2012

    Robert, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. My son also “dabbled” in heroin a few times and got very sick
    From it. The last time he accidentally overdosed. The year was 1994; the love for your friend will never fade. Believe me, I know.

  4. diamond February 20, 2012

    ny daughter cant give it up after 4 years she smokes it shes has 4 children she wont tell doctor because she doesnt want social services involved and doesnt want to lose her kids feel hopeless

  5. Karen April 4, 2013

    The county coroner’s office informed us over the phone today that our dear family friend was found dead in the gas station bathroom. Apparent heroin overdose. It was his payday.

  6. Josie April 15, 2013

    My partner has always had his hand in some sort of drug… I knew he smoked pot, that didn’t bother me too much. Then I went over to his house one night and he was down in the bedroom, when I walked in… Much to my horror he was in there with three mates shooting up speed!! I freaked! I had only ever seen this sort of thing in the movies.. Years passed and he was popping whatever he could get his hands on.. I have stuck around for 11 years hanging on to the hope that one day he will stop.. When he moved into a share house the guy had Oxy contins… This became his new drug of choice, so much so that he was working solely to pay for the pills, and when that wasn’t enough he would break into his own house and steal his money back and buy more from the same guy he stole the money from! Eventually the oxys lead to heroin use… 4 years on and he sis still using almost very day! We have two children, I am 29 years old and I have just found out i am pregnant!! There have been times when I have come home to no television, worried that my daughters gaming consoles will just disappear, and there have been times when we couldn’t buy groceries or nappies and formula for the baby.. I have gone without meals so the children could eat! i am always borrowing money off my parents who have no idea why we are always broke considering we have a combined weekly income of 1800.00! I know by staying I am just “accepting and allowing” his drug use.. The truth is, I just don’t know if I could survive with 2 little ones…. 3 if I decide to go ahead with this pregnancy ( I am thinking of aborting purely because I do not want to bring another child into this type of environment and financially I am unstable) he promised he would stop when we found out I was pregnant with child number two… His first son.. He didn’t.. He promised he would stop when I threatened to kick him out.., he hasn’t… I don’t know what to do beside the obvious bit that is easier said than done… Sorry for rambling I have a lot of crap going through my head!