HBO Documentary explores the penalties for international drug trafficking

Ganja Q

ueen, the harrowing new documentary from HBO Films, is the true story of Schappelle Corby, an Australian woman jailed in Indonesia for allegedly attempting to smuggle marijuana out of the country. The movie is groundbreaking in that it manages to smuggle cameras into the Indonesia prison where the woman is being held, and depicts the horrifying conditions the prisoners live with while incarcerated.

Although questions regarding Schapelle’s guilt or innocence are the backbone of the film, it also offers a cautionary tale for drug users and would-be drug smugglers thinking about trafficking abroad. Many international governments, especially those in the third world, don’t play around when it comes to cocaine, heroin and marijuana, and those Westerners who think that their country will protect them when arrested for a drug violation are often sadly mistaken.

Ganja Queen represents a story similar to that of Midnight Express with a message that is just as powerful now as it was then.

Ganja Queen premieres on HBO on June 30 at 9pm.

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