Craig MacLaughlin, LMFT

Craig MacLaughlin has been a pioneer in the field of integrated treatment for more than thirty years. A Southern California native who graduated from San Diego State, he began working in the mental health field providing services to young adults and their families.

After many years at Scripps Hospital, Craig opened a 150-bed shelter to provide integrated substance abuse and mental health treatment to homeless men in San Diego. As the shelter grew, the complexity of the individuals as well as the need to access both mental health services and substance abuse treatment became apparent. The barriers to access services at the local, state and federal levels were challenging to say the least. The years working with young adults and the homeless lead him to become a dedicated advocate for integrating co-occurring treatment systems.

Craig developed one of the first integrated dual recovery centers in San Diego. He went on to pioneer numerous integrated systems including: youth centers, family programs, culturally specific services, gender and age systems of care, welfare-to-work support services, and judicial centers.

In early 2000, Craig received a prestigious annual award from the California governor for his work in developing public policy for integrating mental health and substance abuse. He went on that year to develop a network of statewide community events that brought thousands together to develop and support services to these individuals. He has assisted with numerous grants, research and events which have resulted in millions of dollars dedicated to integrated services.

When asked why he considered Michael’s House as a career choice, his answer was simple: “In the early years Foundations was one of the few advocates for integrated services. We met and shared the same vision and values. I truly believe that in order to assist this population there must be a commitment and passion for this complex work. I have the commitment, and I have the passion. I am very grateful and proud to share these common interests with Foundations Recovery Network.”