Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

November 26, 2010

Teen prescription drug abuse and addiction are on the rise. This disturbing trend has been gaining ground for years. The pills are easy to get and distribute, especially from other kids. They can be a quick fix for a teen who wants a high or a zoned-out feeling. More than ever, you need to know why teens are so vulnerable to dangers of prescription drugs.

Teens Don’t Understand The Risks

It’s a pill that comes from a doctor. It’s manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility with people making sure it’s made correctly. It’s a legal drug that’s available all over, and my friend/grandmother/neighbor takes it. So why would it be dangerous?

This facade of safety is what probably dupes a teen the most about prescription pain pills. Teens simply underestimate the power of these drugs because of incorrect perceptions about the nature of legal medications. It doesn’t have the same dirty look as crack cocaine made in a back alley. It isn’t cooked up in a chemical kitchen on an abandoned farm. It comes in a nice tidy bottle with a little label printed on it.

Teens inherently have difficulty sizing up true risk. It’s not their fault, it’s just a sign of their immaturity. The parts of their brain the manage judgment and decision making aren’t fully developed or experienced yet. They may buy the innocent looking image and rationalize any nagging thoughts of risk. And that’s the kind of risky choice that can get an unsuspecting teen hurt or even killed.

Prescription Drugs – A Quick Review

Prescription pain pills are usually some sort of narcotic drug. In some cases, they are mixed with another type of pain reliever like acetaminophen or ibuprofen. The big danger with narcotic-based drugs is that they suppress the central nervous system. Aside from making someone feel dragged down or sleepy, the most life-threatening complication is slowed breathing.

When a drug slows the central nervous system, it causes the lungs to reduce the breathing rate. If this drops too low, the brain can be deprived of oxygen and suffocate. A teen may think they are getting an easy high when they are really tempting fate with their CNS and lungs.

Prescription Drugs High Potential For Addiction

Prescription drugs are also highly addictive. If they don’t eventually threaten a person’s breathing, they can certainly create a life of chaos and disruption. Once the body develops a tolerance for the drug, the user needs more just to feel normal.

Withdrawal symptoms can be nearly unbearable, so teens them by turning their life inside out to get drugs. Selling things, stealing, dealing drugs to pay for drugs – they’ll do whatever it takes so they can just function. That’s how it works – the innocent looking pill sucks a teen into a spiraling hell of compulsion and survival.

Teens Need Support And Treatment

Teens with drug abuse issues need treatment as soon as possible. Because it’s a growing trend, treatment for prescription drug abuse and addiction is more available than ever before. And because addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, family members have an important role in treatment. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your teen with prescription drug addiction.

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