Look, if someone you know has become addicted to heroin, they’re probably NOT going to come right out and tell you themselves. But the problem is that, they need help! So that means you are going to have to figure it out for yourself and that means knowing the signs and symptoms of heroin use.

The top ten signs of heroin use are:

1. Constricted pupils

2. Euphoria

3. Shallow breathing

4. Abscesses or scars on the arms (or other areas where heroin might be injected)

5. Often seems confused or disoriented

6. Has contracted Hepatitis B/C or HIV/AIDS

7. Poor performance at work or school

8. Has withdrawn from friends and family (and begun hanging out with a new, “sketchier” set of friends)

9. Has asked to borrow from you (and has been secretive about the reasons why they need it) or has stolen from you.

10. Has had run-ins with law enforcement – after never having encountered any before.

If a friend or family member is exhibiting one or more of the signs and symptoms above, they may be using heroin – and if so, need your help! Contact a drug addiction treatment facility in your area to learn how you can get that special person the professional assistance they need to get well.