7 Ways to Spot Someone with a Cocaine Addiction

7 signs
Cocaine addiction impacts people of all walks of life. The drug remains popular with those seeking a fast high or perceive that they need an extra-edge in their everyday lives.

Although there’s no iron-clad method for spotting someone who has cocaine addiction, there are several tell-tales to look for if you suspect that a friend or family members is using the drug.

How to spot someone with a cocaine addiction

1The individual is prone to getting nosebleeds. One of the classic symptoms of cocaine use. Occurs because the cocaine destroys the membranes inside the nose, causing the nose to bleed. Stuffy and runny nose are also common nasal symptoms associated with cocaine use.

2The individual has a tendency to “crash”. After long cocaine binges, users are known to become listless and low on energy. Many people will sleep excessively for days after using large amounts of cocaine over an extended period of time.

3The individual has sudden financial problems. Cocaine is an expensive drug, and many people will burn through all their money, including their life savings, to pay for their habit. Watch for people who want to borrow money or offer to sell their possessions at a greatly discounted rate.

4The individual suffers at work and loses interest in friends and family. Cocaine overtakes the life of the addict. As such, all the things that used to be important to the individual now take a back seat to the drug. People addicted to cocaine will lose their standing at work, hurt the people closest to them, and let hobbies and activities fall by the way side in favor of the drug.

5The individual forgoes old friends and begins to run with a different crowd. Those addicted to cocaine will likely begin to hang out with other drug users. Simply put, these new “friends” act as co-dependants, never asking too many questions or looking down upon the individual because of their addiction. Even the most solid friendships will be tested when one of the parties is a user.

6The individual experiences paranoia or panic attacks. Cocaine alters the brain, and can cause a variety of psychological symptoms, including thoughts that “everyone is out to get me” or “the walls are closing in around me”. Chest pains and heavy sweating may also accompany these symptoms. Cocaine users may feel nervous or anxious is normal social settings.

7The individual has a tendency to talk very fast. Those using cocaine experience a significant euphoric rush when the drug kicks in. This can lead to episodes of manic energy where the person talks very fast and experiences moments of grandiose thinking.

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