Addiction Symptoms

crystal meth addiction symptomsCrystal meth—also known as crystal, meth, speed, and ice—is methamphetamine, a drug that is highly addictive. It can be swallowed, smoked, snorted or injected and no matter how it is taken, it is a devastating and deadly drug. When your loved one starts using crystal meth and becomes addicted, he or she can become a completely different person within weeks: the weight drops off, the mood swings are unpredictable, and psychosis can quickly set in.

If you think that your friend or loved one is living with crystal meth addiction, identifying the symptoms can help you gain the courage to get them the help that they need. Call Michael’s House now for more information.

How To Tell If Someone Is High On Crystal

The short-term effects of crystal meth are extremely obvious. They may not denote addiction, but if you note these symptoms in a loved one frequently, then these effects could mean that your friend or family member is struggling with an active crystal meth addiction. Short-term effects and symptoms of crystal meth use include:

  • Fluctuating between euphoria and irritability
  • Increased activity and decreased appetite
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure or heart rate
  • Jaw clenching and teeth grinding
  • Shakiness
  • Extreme focus on details or detailed tasks

Long-Term Effects of Chronic of Crystal Meth Use

While the short-term effects of crystal meth are indicative of recent use of the drug, the long-term effects of crystal meth more often point to crystal meth addiction. If you notice the following issues with your loved one and you know that crystal meth is a problem for them, then they are likely struggling with crystal meth addiction:

  • Psychotic or irrational, paranoid behavior
  • Respiratory problems (having a hard time breathing)
  • Irregular heartbeat or heart murmur
  • Extreme weight loss or anorexia

Risks of Ignoring Crystal Meth Addiction Symptoms

Crystal meth is a drug that feels harmless to the user at first. How bad can it be to use a drug that gives you a little extra energy and helps you lose weight? Unfortunately, crystal meth is far more dangerous than most people give it credit for; in fact, it can be devastating. No matter how it is in ingested, it can change a person’s entire life in a matter of weeks.

Ignoring the symptoms of crystal meth addiction means a continued risk of heart attack, stroke, and even death. If you see crystal meth addiction symptoms in yourself or your loved one, don’t wait to get the help you need.

Treatment at Michael’s House

Here at Michael’s House, we offer a comprehensive crystal meth addiction treatment that includes detox. With an holistic approach to drug addiction treatment, Michael’s House staff are well-trained with years of experience in providing evidence-based addiction treatment.

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