Crystal Meth Detox

Crystal meth addiction is one of the most dangerous substance abuse issues facing our community due to its prevalence in all areas of the country and the speed with which it overtakes the lives of its victims. Mental health and physical health diminish quickly. Jobs are lost and families are torn apart as the individual’s sole obsession becomes obtaining more and more of the drug. The cravings that accompany the drug as well as the paranoia and delusions can instigate any number of poor choices, including criminal and antisocial behaviors that often lead to a loss of freedom and time in prison.

The light at the end of the tunnel is crystal meth detox and addiction treatment. Different types of drug rehab programs can help the patient to overcome his or her dependence on crystal meth through individual and group counseling, physical and psychological treatment, sober living and more. The first step in this process is crystal meth detox. Here the patient can rid the body of all the harmful toxins associated with crystal meth and attend to health issues and issues related to malnourishment that began during active addiction.

Crystal MethThe key focus of crystal meth detox is the initial stabilization process that must precede any meaningful treatment. Mentally and physically, patients are often unbalanced when they first enter treatment, and detox addresses the personal issues that create that state for each individual, helping him or her to find balance before moving forward in treatment. In some cases, medication may be prescribed by a consulting physician, especially in the event of a co-occurring mental health issue, and monitoring by professionals ensures that the patient is safe as he or she transitions from a state of active addiction to active sobriety.

NOTE: Crystal meth detox is NOT a complete drug rehab program. Simply stopping the abuse and use of addictive drugs is not a treatment in and of itself. Rather, this is the first step in a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the many and varied issues that inform crystal meth addiction and assist the addict in creating a new perspective in life that allows them to remain drug-free for the long term.

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Trends in Crystal Meth Use and Abuse

According to NIDA’s Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG), crystal meth addiction is an issue that is sweeping the country. No matter how rural, suburban or urban, the abuse of crystal meth is causing significant problems for communities across the country. More than 10.4 million people over the age of 12 report trying the drug, while 1.3 million said they used the drug in the past year and a half million reported past-month crystal meth abuse. Teens and preteens alike report experimentation or regular use of the drug as well, in numbers that amount to between three and four percent.

The issue is, unfortunately, not a problem dealt with solely by individuals or their families. Emergency room departments across the country report admissions based on or related to the abuse of crystal meth in increasingly higher numbers. Over a seven-year period, the number of patients admitted to the ER for an issue related to crystal meth abuse rose by 50 percent, amounting to about four percent of all drug-related ER trips in a single year.

Increased Need for Detox and Treatment in Rural Areas

Drug useThough crystal meth is often found in urban areas and suburban neighborhoods are far from unscathed by the drug, rural areas tend to be hit hardest by issues related to the production, distribution and abuse of crystal meth. According to the Rural Assistance Center, there are a number of rural locations that are conducive to the production of the toxic drug. Abandoned farmhouses, barns and other buildings on remote roads make it easy to hide illegal meth labs. Additionally, one of the key ingredients in the processing of crystal meth, anhydrous ammonia, is commonly used as fertilizer on farms and therefore easily accessible to rural thieves.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of meth labs in rural areas can mean serious consequences. Farmland that feeds the country may be contaminated by the toxic chemicals created and dumped in the production of crystal meth. Every pound of crystal meth that is created brings with it a load of poisonous gas and as many as seven pounds of toxic waste. Children who grow up in these areas are endangered by the toxic environment, and many who lose parents to crystal meth either through death or prison are raised by grandparents.

EMS personnel called to the scene when injuries occur at meth labs often must handle hazardous waste in order to effectively perform their job and end up getting sick as a result. Law enforcement, court systems and jails are overflowing due to the issue of rural crystal meth processing, distribution and addiction. It’s not always easy to ferret out, and small towns and communities suffer as a result. Even the crystal meth abusers and addicts who want treatment have a hard time getting access to the detox and treatment they need.

Treating Withdrawal Symptoms During Detoxification

During the detoxification process, the patient is likely to experience a certain number of withdrawal symptoms as a result of the body re-adjusting to the lack of drugs in the system. Each drug addiction is different, however, which means that each person’s experience will be different. Some common withdrawal symptoms associated with crystal meth detox include:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Agitation
  • Sleeplessness
  • Drug cravings

It is worth noting that the craving for crystal meth during the detox period is particularly intense. Unless the individual is under strict supervision by consulting professionals, the chance of relapse is extremely high.

These symptoms, although almost exclusively psychological in nature can be quite intense. Generally, they last between 24 and 48 hours, but during this period of time, feelings of discomfort can be significant.

Medications Used During Withdrawal

Unlike many other drugs of addiction, there are no pharmacological measures approved by the Federal Drug Administration for the purpose of helping recovering crystal meth addicts fight the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that occur during detox and addiction treatment. However, according to a study performed by the departments of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, there are a number of different options currently being explored through scientific research. Different therapies and medications are being investigated in the hopes of lowering the rate of relapse in those addicted to stimulant drugs like crystal meth.

Treating “Meth Mouth” During Detox

Oral health is often a significant issue during crystal meth detox, as significant as the withdrawal symptoms experienced. Called “meth mouth,” the abuse of crystal meth can mean rotting teeth and tooth decay, severe jaw and tooth pain, lost teeth, stained teeth and more, according to the American Dental Association.

Why does this happen to those who abuse crystal meth? Here are some of the causes of the issue:

  • The acidic nature of crystal meth
  • Dry mouth associated with use of the drug
  • Reduced amount of saliva that protects the teeth
  • Cravings for sweets and high-calorie carbonated drinks caused by crystal meth abuse
  • Tendency to grind teeth or clench jaw while under the influence
  • Long periods under the influence in which oral hygiene does not take place

Oral hygiene issues of this level can rarely be treated with anything but extraction of the rotten or broken teeth. It’s often a problem that is initially addressed during detox but one that patients will deal with for the first few years of recovery.

Benefits of Detoxification

The benefits of crystal meth detox touch every aspect of who you are as an individual; there are emotional benefits, physical benefits and spiritual benefits to be had by those who commit to crystal meth detox and addiction treatment.

Emotional benefits. Crystal meth addiction is emotionally devastating. Few can withstand the extreme mood swings, the violent depression, the paranoia and the hallucinations that characterize crystal meth addiction. It’s emotionally exhausting. At a crystal meth detox, however, you can begin the process of healing from the emotional effects of crystal meth addiction. Your physician will provide medical care to help you relax, recognize what is and isn’t real, get some solid sleep and begin to find balance in your life again. It’s a process and the depression that occurs after crystal meth addiction can be difficult to wade through, but counselors and consulting medical professionals at a crystal meth detox are trained to make it is as simple and short as possible.

Physical benefits. The speed with which crystal meth completely changes a person’s appearance is mind-blowing. While crystal meth detox won’t totally reverse the effects of crystal meth addiction, it will give you the opportunity to slowly regain your former physical fitness and get a handle on any medical issues that may have developed as a result of crystal meth abuse. Malnutrition and dehydration are often primary issues in crystal meth detox. Cardiac problems and high blood pressure may be at issue as well. In both cases, medical staff is on alert, ready to help you return to your former self as quickly and healthfully as possible.

Spiritual benefits. The spiritual toll that crystal meth addiction causes is only briefly touched upon during crystal meth detox. The real work in this area is done during crystal meth addiction treatment and the rest of your recovery. A lifelong ongoing process, spiritual benefits begin during crystal meth detox as your mind clears, your body relaxes and you begin the process of freeing yourself from the crippling effects of crystal meth addiction.

Choosing the Right Withdrawal Method for Your Needs

Sober Living new lifeWhen you are ready to get the detox and treatment you need to heal after crystal meth addiction, you have a number of types of crystal meth detox to choose from. Inpatient crystal meth detox allows you to completely separate from your negative influences while you receive treatment. Outpatient crystal meth detox gives you a chance to continue working and caring for your family while you get the treatment you need. Traditional crystal meth detox programs are usually based on the 12 steps and traditions and their spiritual philosophies, and holistic programs include a variety of different therapies and treatments.

Crystal meth is a drug that does not release its victims easily. Six months to a year after a successful crystal meth detox and rehab, many relapse for apparently no reason. It is important then to choose the most intensive and long-term treatment available to give you the coping skills to combat those unexpected cravings. Inpatient crystal meth detox followed by residential crystal meth addiction treatment is recommended.

No matter which type of detox you choose, the key to making it work is to take advantage of extensive crystal meth addiction treatment and aftercare services. Sober living can be extremely effective in helping you to brave the temptations as they arise. If you prefer to return home, support groups and 12-step programs are another good option as they provide peer support and guidance as you navigate your sober life without drugs and alcohol.

Treatment and Detox at Michael’s House

Michael’s House is a comprehensive drug rehab program that treats all aspects of crystal meth addiction, including detox. Patients who enroll at Michael’s House are provided with a social detox program in collaboration with consulting medical physicians, followed by comprehensive counseling and holistic care that releases that person from the grip of crystal meth addiction.

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