Many people think that heroin is the most addictive drug in the world. The truth is, that although heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, it is NOT the most addictive. You may be surprised to learn that some of the drugs the experts have found to be most addictive are actually legal.

The most addictive drugs


Nicotine. Although studies vary, it is generally believed that over 30% of those individuals who use nicotine for a period of time become addicted. That is a high number considering the availability of the product, the manner in which it is marketed towards young people, and the deadly consequences of a lifetime of use.


Caffeine. Perhaps another shocker for some, Caffeine ranks high on the list, with almost 30% of casual users becoming addicted. This stimulant is found is so many things we consume every day that you have to look hard to find a product without it.


Heroin. Now, an illegal drug makes its first appearance on the list. Although one-hundred years ago Heroin was used for a variety of medicinal purposes, the medical community soon realized that people were becoming addicted in record numbers. The drug was taken off of the market, but illicit use remains rampant to this day – destroying lives of those from all walks of life, all over the world. 25% of those who use Heroin for a period of time become addicted to the drug.

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Cocaine. Another drug that costs families, and our society as a whole, cocaine is a heavily habit forming drug. While it does enter the list as slightly less addictive that Nicotine and Caffeine, the effects of Cocaine’s (and heroin’s) use are far more serious. Drug rehab programs list cocaine as one of the top addictions they face daily.

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Alcohol. The legalized drug with potentially devastating consequences, alcohol reduces the ability of your brain to function properly. Addictive for 15% of those who use it regularly, alcohol is especially problematic for young people, where binge drinking and dangerous alcohol-related activities are prevalent.

For the most part, those with alcohol and drug addiction are unlikely to admit, on their own, that they have a problem. Providing love, support and a means to help them into rehab are the behaviors that are likely to save their lives.

Obviously, some of the substances listed above are more dangerous than others. If someone you know is addicted to caffeine, you might want to advise them to reduce their intake, but calling for a full-on intervention is likely not required. In the case of cocaine, heroin and alcohol on the other hand, it is essential that you reach out to those struggling with addiction to these substances.

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