Withdrawal and Detoxification: 8 Things You Should Know

8 things to know about drug detoxDetoxification from drugs is a crucial step in the recovery process. In fact, it’s so important that an individual can’t really move forward with the rest of their recovery before detox is complete.

To try and begin counseling while the toxins from the drugs are still in your system means setting yourself up for a potential relapse. But there are many common misconceptions about drug detox and what it entails. Here are some important facts about the drug detox process, and how they might affect you.

8 Things You Should Know About Drug Detox

Drug detox must be completed before drug rehab can begin. In order to receive proper treatment and counseling all the drug toxins must be removed from your body. That is what drug detox provides. During the detox period, your body is expelling al the dangerous elements that your last doses of the drug brought into your system.

Drug detox does not work on its own. As mentioned above, drug detox is only part of the process of breaking the cycle of drug addiction.

Detox should take place under medical supervision. Because of the withdrawal symptoms an individual is likely to experience during detox, being in the care of a medical professional provides a “safe place” to go through that difficult period, and lessens the chance of relapsing into the drug abuse.

Detox can be difficult. During the detox process, your body is craving the drug in question. This can lead to the aforementioned withdrawal symptoms or self-destructive behaviors.

Detox times may vary. Every individual is different, but generally detox take between 2-3 days, depending on the drug in question and the length and intensity of use.

If you return to drug use after detox, you are likely to have an increased tolerance to the drug and a greater dependence on it as well.

Detox programs protect your privacy. When an individual goes through detox, they exhibit behaviors they might not want others to see. That is why, in addition to proper medical care, an established detox program also offers privacy during the process.

For some people, it takes several tries to get through detox. Not everyone is able to complete drug detox on their first try. If this happens to you, don’t be discouraged! If you are committed to change in your life, you must attempt detox again so that you can continue to throughout the rehab process.

Michael’s House knows all about the potential rigors of drug detoxification, and has the staff ready to work with you to get you through this difficult period and on to the rest of rehab. Michael’s House provides a safe place for the individual to experience detox. We understand the withdrawal symptoms associated with the process, and help prepare you for what’s to come. This is a tough, but crucial process, and nobody helps you through it like the experts at Michael’s House.

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