Similarities and Differences Between Alcohol and Drug Withdrawal

Detox is the process of removing toxins from the body that are contaminating the system because of habitual alcohol or drug use. Completion of the detoxification process means that the individual has overcome their physical addiction to the substance in question, and is prepared to move forward with a complete rehab program.

But are there any significant differences between alcohol detox and drug detox? The following information explores what the individual can expect when entering into a detox program.

Alcohol Detox vs. Drug Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

Recovering alcoholics and drug addicts experience many of the same withdrawal symptoms when going through detox. Common symptoms that run across both conditions include depression, irritability, sweats, chills and muscle cramping and pain. There are however, some conditions that are unique to alcohol detox, most prominently delirium tremens or the “DTs”. These are the hallucinations that alcoholics who are going through withdrawal experience in severe cases.

Length of Alcohol Detox vs. Drug Detox

In both alcohol and drug detox, the average time it takes to complete the process is three to five days. In extreme cases of alcohol abuse, there are cases that can take as long as two to three weeks to complete. Detox that takes this long is the exception rather the rule however.

Medication and Detox

While alcohol detox is usually done without the aid of any doctor prescribed medications, those who are going through drug detox from opiate based drugs such as heroin, Vicodin, OxyContin and other substances are likely to encounter Methadone at least once during their journey to recovery. Methadone is a wildly popular synthetic opiate that mirrors real opiate drugs without the euphoric effects, thus allowing the individual to detoxify with few if any withdrawal symptoms.

Detox in a Doctor’s Care

Whether an individual is going through alcohol or drug detox, is always strongly recommended that they do so while in the presence of a medical professional. While withdrawal symptoms brought on by detox are not generally life threatening, this period can be filled with significant physical and mental discomfort. A doctor or detox professional can help support the individual emotionally and make sure that their physical vital signs stay strong throughout the process.

Finding Detox Programs

Both alcohol and drug detox can generally be found in the same place -inside an addiction treatment facility. It is worth noting however that there are still a number of drug rehab programs that require the individual to seek drug detox treatment elsewhere before entering. These types of facilities are dwindling in number however, as treatment centers have all begun to see the benefit of being “one stop shopping” for their patient’s recovery needs.

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