At Home Drug Detox

At Home Drug Detox
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If you experience physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking your drug of choice, then you need the medical supervision of a doctor or certified substance abuse treatment professional if you are ready to break free from your addiction. An at home drug detox is dangerous; there’s no way around it.

At Michael’s House, we call two southern California locations home. Both of these locales in Palm Springs provide certified drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a spa-like setting. If you would like to learn more about drug detox options at Michael’s House, call us at 1-877-345-8494 today.

The Dangers of Home Detox

When you choose an at home drug detox, you take on a number of risks. First, most who are addicted to drugs like cocaine, alcohol, heroin and others for long periods of time tend to neglect their health. This means that co-occurring disorders that develop as a result of addiction and/ or other issues will go unnoticed without physicals or check-ups. The underlying medical issues can cause problems and complications during drug detox. If you choose an at home drug detox, these complications can be deadly without the right medical care and monitoring.

The Dangers of Magical Elixirs and DIY Detox Kits

Stay up late one night and you’ll see one infomercial after another prescribing you magical medications, herbal supplements, workbook programs, seminars on DVD and packaged combinations of these items, all of which purport to offer the only effective at home drug detox on the market. They’ll tell you that there’s one magic ingredient or one special secret that makes their program or diet or supplement different. They may have interviews with people who have supposedly successfully detoxed off of their drug of choice using the product. They say that you, too, can join this happy group of people