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natural detox at michael's houseNatural drug detox is one option available to you when you are physically addicted to drugs like heroin, prescription painkillers or anti-anxiety medications, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and other drugs. Without the use of replacement medications or the step-down method of lowering your dose slowly over time, you can stop using your drug of choice and detox without putting anymore chemicals into your body when you choose a natural detox.

Michael’s House offers a natural detox as one option for treatment as a part of our holistic drug and alcohol rehab. Call today for more information about our natural drug detox program.

What Is It?

Natural drug detox is a process that allows you to detox off of your drug of choice without the added stress to your body that comes with synthetic medications. Natural drug detox is based on the philosophy that no chemicals are good chemicals when it comes to a healthy body, whether they are addictive substances or substances used to treat alcohol and drug addiction.

Rather than putting more toxins into the body when you’re trying to get clean and sober, natural drug detox seeks to remove all of the toxic buildup in your system. In addition to the lack of chemical input, natural drug detox centers implement a number of therapies that help you more quickly and efficiently flush the toxins out of your system.

Beyond Withdrawal Symptoms

A natural drug detox, unlike a medical drug detox, does more than address the withdrawal symptoms that occur when you stop taking your drug of choice. It actively assists you in getting rid of the toxic buildup in your system over time. A long and continuous process, during a natural drug detox, you will learn how to live for optimum health, choosing exercises and making food choices that will help you in your quest to feel better and remain free of drug and alcohol addiction.

Natural Detox Amenities and Therapies

During the initial phase of natural drug detox when you are dealing primarily with the physical withdrawal symptoms, your focus will be on easing these symptoms naturally. You may spend more time in the sauna, drinking lots of water, engaging in gentle exercise and getting lots of rest. As the withdrawal symptoms begin to fade, you will continue the drug detox process by engaging in other therapeutic options that may include acupuncture, yoga, bodywork and massage, continued gentle exercises, and a meal plan designed specifically to encourage detox.

Detox at Michael’s House

Whether or not you choose a completely natural drug detox, at Michael’s House, we offer everyone the opportunity to take advantage of our therapeutic options that encourage a healthier lifestyle. A continued, low-key detox that promotes the flushing of toxins from the system will promote a more stable state of being, enhancing your ability to fight off relapse and remain on track after drug rehab.

For more information about the drug detox options available at Michael’s House, contact us at 1-877-345-8494 today with your questions.

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