For every drug of addiction, including alcohol, there are a number of different treatment options for those who are ready for drug detox and rehab.

Although recovery from any addiction can be a long and bumpy road, the final goal of abstinence and the mental and physical freedom that comes with it is well worth the trip. Don’t let fear of drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms scare you.

At Michael’s House, we can help you get the drug detox you need. By attending to the mental and social challenges related to drug addiction as well as the physical need to stabilize after flushing the toxins from the system, drug detox at Michael’s House is well-rounded and wholly unlike what you will find in outpatient drug detox programs.

At Michael’s House, we can help you regain your family, your job and your life. Call today for more information.

The Results of Detox

During regular use of drugs of addiction like heroin, cocaine, alcohol, crystal meth, prescription drugs and club drugs like Ecstasy, your body begins to deteriorate. The liver and kidneys especially suffer from the toxic effects. You may notice fatigue, yellowing of the skin or eyes. These are symptoms that your body isn’t functioning properly, that there are too many toxins for it process safely. With drug detox, your body is given respite and a chance to recover from the toxin overload. Some of your physical health problems will disappear completely during and after drug detox and others will diminish in significance.

Drug Detox at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we know that true success only comes when all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction are treated. We provide you with everything you need to completely detox off of drugs and start a new life without addiction.

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