drug overdose No matter what your drug of choice, surviving a drug overdose is an amazing – and lucky – thing. Not everyone who overdoses on heroin, prescription painkillers, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs lives through the experience, and if you did, take it as a sign. You have been given a second chance – an opportunity to change your life’s path and make the changes necessary to walk away from drug and alcohol addiction forever.

Don’t waste the opportunity. Contact Michael’s House today and avoid experiencing another drug overdose – one that could be fatal – by getting the drug and alcohol addiction treatment you need to heal from addiction.

Be Thankful if You Survive an Overdose

Waking up from a drug overdose, as painful as it can be, should be counted as one of the luckiest moments in your life. You have so much left to experience and do in this world – things you can contribute, things you can create, people you can love and support. If overdosing on drugs and/or alcohol was an accident, you will likely wake up with a wave of thankfulness that you survived the experience and with a fresh hope for making changes in your life that will better your future. Don’t waste that inspiration. Get on the phone right now and call to enroll yourself in a drug detox and addiction treatment program.

Get Medical Assistance

In many cases, you may have only survived the drug overdose because someone called emergency medical support on your behalf. If not, if you somehow survived a drug overdose without treatment, get treatment right away. Make sure that you are in stable condition and healthy enough to begin treatment. Under no circumstances should you take more of your drug of choice or drink. Instead, undergo a medical exam and immediately enroll yourself in drug and alcohol detox.

Get Treatment

medical detox and addiction treatmentThe only way to guarantee that you never have to go through or risk a drug overdose again is to get the medical detox and addiction treatment you need to fight your addiction safely. Psychological cravings for your drug of choice can be powerful, far more powerful than your desire to quit abusing drugs and alcohol. It’s important that you have support for when you begin to lose your resolve or feel tempted to get high or drink again. It’s also important that you have the ongoing medical care you need in case you experience complications as withdrawal symptoms begin in early detox or if you are diagnosed with a co-occurring medical or psychological disorder.

The type of treatment you choose is up to you – just make sure that you opt for a drug and alcohol rehab that includes detox as well as psychotherapeutic addiction treatment.

Treatment at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we provide a drug and alcohol rehab program here in Palm Springs that offers detox as well as addiction treatment and sober living. Call now for more information.