As more and more people opt for drug rehab as a means of ending their addiction to drugs or alcohol, there has been a significant rise in the high-end private drug treatment center. Located in scenic locales and stocked with plush amenities, these exclusive private centers have become the rehab of choice for Hollywood stars and starlets as well as “regular folks” from all walks of life.

However, these types of private treatment centers aren’t for everyone. Here are several advantages and disadvantages of choosing a private drug treatment center.


  • Like the name says, it’s private. Private drug treatments centers work on a highly confidential basis. If keeping a low-profile is a concern, the individual can rest assured that the private center’s very reputation depends on their ability to maintain the anonymity of its clients.
  • Top-notch amenities. Spas and luxury pools are not uncommon sites at the most exclusive private drug treatment centers. These facilities cater to the every need of its residents, so they can focus more on their recovery.
  • Location, location, location. Many of the best private rehab centers can be found in Malibu, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in the desert of luxurious Palm Springs, or in the mountainous beauty of Wyoming or Colorado. To help remove the individual from their toxic environment, these private facilities spared no expense in selecting the most breath-taking scenery in the United States.

Potential Disadvantages

private treatment disadvantages
  • The cost. While prices vary, and some private facilities are affordable, many run upwards of thousands of dollars per week. This makes them inaccessible to many who would seek treatment there.
  • Your peers. One of the primary components of drug rehab is a connection with the peer group and building a sense of community within the program. Individuals considering some of the most expensive programs need to make sure that they are comfortable opening up in front of people that they have never met before, and who come from what are potentially very different socio-economic backgrounds.
  • The location (again!). The location of your residential rehab treatment center may be bucolic, but what good is it if you can’t get there! Make sure that you can afford travel costs to your rehab destination, and that it is accessible for your family as well if they plan to come for a visit. And if the location is too far from home to be feasible, consider an outpatient drug treatment program that allows you to continue certain aspects of your everyday life such as work or school.

Michael’s House is a private drug treatment center that combines the best of all worlds -providing knowledgeable, expert treatment, with caring and concern that makes everyone at the facility feel less like a patient and more like family.

Located in beautiful Palm Springs, California, Michael’s House is a residential facility where the individual can come to focus solely on their addiction recovery, leaving the distractions of the outside world behind as they gain confidence and rebuild self-esteem. Contact Michael’s House today at 1-877-345-8494 for more information about drug and alcohol treatment plans.