rehab servicesNot much in this world is free anymore, but some of the most important things still are. Free drug rehab is definitely a valuable find when you understand how to get it. For many people with drug addiction, financial problems are right at the forefront. A lot of people are worried about the economy right now, but people with drug addiction are often living on a razor edge with finances. Finding a free drug rehab program would truly be a godsend, and potentially instrumental to helping them improve their financial standing in the end.

Religious Groups Offering Free Drug Addiction Treatment

Religious groups often promote free services as part of their charity work. They may have soup kitchens, pantries, financial gifts, and some even sponsor drug treatment services. More than likely, this would be a larger church or religious organization. Some groups stipulate that you be a practicing or believing member of that particular denomination. Others are not that strict, just asking for a person’s commitment to the program.

Sober Living and Recovery Homes

One downside of free drug rehab is that each addiction program may not have similar amounts of clinical treatment. Sober or recovery homes are shared living spaces that provide a sober environment. These are generally self-monitored with a more limited amount of staff available. Therapy may not be consistent or frequent. But if people are able to maintain sobriety with less structure and supervision, a sober or recovery home can be a good option.

In most cases, it is operated as a private residence with reasonable rent rates and shared expenses. While this is not exactly free, everyone is expected to work and provide for their living expenses. As this would be expected anyway, there is no charge for the additional support and professional guidance.

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Government Supported Drug Treatment Programs

Perhaps the most consistent and reliable free drug rehab option is government funded treatment. Many community mental health organizations receive an allotment of money for drug treatment. This allows them to provide a sliding fee scale, not exactly free, but very affordable for most. Some treatment centers can provide services for absolutely no cost based on proof of financial need.

These are drug rehab centers staffed with licensed trained addiction counselors. They provide the same high-quality services for both full-fee clients and sliding-scale clients. This are often the most easily found free drug rehab services as they are available in most communities. You may not always find completely free services at these organizations, but a very low fee can still make drug rehab possible for someone who desperately needs it.

Free drug rehab is not always easy to find. But if you keep the above options in mind, you will have a few leads to work with. A person facing their rock bottom may be quite motivated to find any sort of free (or nearly free) drug rehab situation that will get them somewhere rather than nowhere. And if it isn’t a perfect fit, it would at least be some kind of start. When looking for free drug rehab, don’t give up. Keep searching and staying committed to your sobriety.

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