Los Angeles Rehab Centers

los angeles drug rehabIf you are living in southern California, a Los Angeles drug rehab center is the best place to find drug addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one. Whether you are looking for a sober living home, an inpatient drug rehab, an outpatient addiction treatment program or psychotherapeutic counseling, a Los Angeles drug rehab center can provide you with what you need.

Michael’s House is a southern California drug rehab in Palm Springs, outside of Los Angeles. If you would like to learn about our many drug rehab programs, contact us today at 1-877-345-8494.

How to Get Into a Program

Getting into a Los Angeles drug rehab center is as simple as locating the facility that offers all that you need for a safe and effective recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and then applying. The application process starts with a phone call or an email. Contact the Los Angeles drug rehab center that interests you and ask questions: Do they offer medical detox? Do they provide residential treatment or outpatient services? What aftercare services do they offer? Do they take your insurance? When will they have a space available for you?

After that, you can ask for a tour of the facility or an in-person meeting with a counselor to discuss your drug history and your goals and needs for treatment. If you have co-occurring medical and/ or psychological disorders, food allergies or other issues that will require accommodation, this is the time to bring it up and make sure that your Los Angeles drug rehab center can cater to your needs.

How to Pay

Paying for a Los Angeles drug rehab center starts much like getting into a Los Angeles drug rehab center starts: with a phone call. Start with one of the questions listed above: Do you take my insurance? Then follow it up with more specifics. Find out if your insurance covers all of the cost of treatment or just part. They may cover only certain treatments or pay for a certain amount of time in drug rehab.

If you don’t have insurance, if they don’t accept your insurance or if your provider only covers part of the cost, ask about other options. Do they have a sliding scale for low income clients? Is there a payment plan or financing available? Are there scholarships? Finding a way to pay for your Los Angeles drug rehab center is just a matter of looking for resources.

Michael’s House: Drug Rehab Near Los Angeles

michael's house inpatient

At Michael’s House, we offer an inpatient drug rehab program for those who are ready to break free from cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, alcoholism, crystal meth addiction and/ or addiction to prescription drugs like Xanax, oxycodone, Vicodin, Percocet and others. If you would like to learn how Michael’s House can help you, call us now: 1-877-345-8494. You can set up a tour, make an appointment with a counselor to ask questions or request an application. Don’t let drug addiction take another day of your life. Call today.

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