Facts and Statistics

heroinThe heroin problem in the United States and around the world continues to be a threat to people of all races, religions and socio-economic groups. Drug rehab facilities provide a wealth of recovery opportunities for these individuals, but they can only do so much when there is such a preponderance of heroin addiction throughout the world and so few people seeking treatment.

The follow facts are designed to shed light on the depth of the heroin addiction problem we are currently facing, and whether or not we stand a fighting chance in the battle against this highly destructive drug.

Facts and Statistics about Heroin Addiction

  • There are over 1.2 million “occasional” heroin users in the United States and over 200,000 people who could be classified as addicted to the drug.
  • The average heroin addiction ingests between 150mg and 250mg of the drug per day.
  • Heroin overdoses have caused more deaths than traffic accidents in the past several years.
  • There are believed to be at least 700,000 people in the United States who need heroin addiction treatment but are not receiving it.
  • According to a report from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, from the years spanning 1992 -2002, the number of people injecting heroin declined, but the percentage of individuals smoking the drug increased by over 12%.
  • IN 2002 a study by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 53% of past year users of heroin had a dependence on the drug.
  • Florida and California by far have the most heroin seizures by law enforcement each year (due to their physical location and prevalence of the drug trade in their states).

Getting Help for those with a Heroin Addiction

The most effective treatment for those with a heroin addiction is a qualified drug rehab program. Addiction treatment programs that understand the needs of those with an opiate addiction are the best course of action because they help treat both the physical and psychological addiction to heroin. This is accomplished through three core elements of the process -detox (treating the physical addiction), counseling (addressing the psychological component of heroin addiction), and aftercare (which prepares the individual for life after the rehab program is complete). It is through these programs that individuals are given a chance to break the cycle of heroin addiction and master the tools needed to live a clean and sober life.

Michael’s House is a residential addiction treatment center located in Palm Springs, California. The respected treatment professionals at Michael’s House understand the special needs of those who are suffering from a heroin addiction -and provide a “whole body” approach to drug rehab that uplifts the mind, body and spirit. Contact Michael’s House today for more information.

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