heroin addiction risksHeroin is one of the most destructive drugs out there. But just a few uses, heroin can suck in even the most casual user into an abusive situation. In many cases, this develops into a full-fledged heroin addiction. Risk comes naturally when flirting with heroin. But for many who try it, the physical rush is too strong to ignore. All they want is more heroin. You may have heard the headlines about heroin addicts, but let’s take a closer look at what really happens when heroin is invited into the body.

Heroin is a narcotic, a class of drugs that is highly addictive. It doesn’t take long for the body to become physically dependent on narcotic drugs. Chemical messengers called neurotransmitters zip back and forth between nerve endings. This happens constantly in every human being. When a narcotic drug is introduced into the body, they overtake this natural process. The chemicals replace the neurotransmitters, sending extreme signals of pleasure to the brain. When the brain feels this, it responds by wanting more.

Normal Body Processes Shut Down With Heroin Addiction

When a person uses more and more heroin, the natural neurotransmitter process eventually shuts down within the body. And if the person goes too long without heroin, the body goes through excruciating pain and discomfort. It’s the complete opposite of the high. Eventually, the body develops a tolerance to these mega shots of heroin. In order to feel just normal, the person needs to use more and more. This is clear evidence of how the neurotransmitters are essential for a person’s normal functioning. So of course, a heavy heroin user does little else but seek more heroin or risk going through horrible withdrawal. Nothing else gives them much pleasure or motivation in life.

Risks Of Heroin Abuse Build Up

The risks of heroin addiction start to really mount. Not only is the body getting fried from constant heroin use, the person is at risk for taking an overdose. Too much heroin can kill a person, so the risk of overdose is very serious. Heroin addiction symptoms include personal hygiene goes down the tubes, financial responsibilities are neglected, a person’s moral compass may become skewed, and they generally neglect or manipulate their most important relationships. If a heroin user has a job, it’s most certainly in jeopardy. Most likely, a heroin addict isn’t able to sustain legitimate work. They may have turned to crime, drug dealing, or even prostitution to get their heroin.

Without drug rehab, a heroin users life hangs in the balance every moment of every day. There is little hope that they may restore a healthy life on their own. All this from an attempt to try heroin a few times. Certainly, heroin addicts do not lay this type of plan out for their life. However, it can be a very slippery slope once they get momentum.

Heroin Dependence and Abuse Risks

Risks are not limited to the heroin user. Family members living near or with the user may have dangerous crime going on all around them. Children of heroin users can be exposed to drugs at an early age, child abusers, and physical harm because of the people their parents associate with.

Heroin is certainly not a gateway drug. It is one of the big hitters and can destroy a person’s life in short order. Heroin is nothing to play with – you never know when it will deliver a knockout punch.

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