7 Ways to Tell if Someone is Using Heroin

7 Ways to Tell if Someone is Using Heroin
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Heroin is one of the most destructive and addictive drugs in the world.

Those who become addicted to heroin quickly lose control of their lives as they become powerless against the drug and the endless search for their next fix.

For these reasons, it is important to get help for friends or family members who are using heroin.

But how can you know if an individual is using Heroin? Most drug users are secretive about their substance abuse, so they aren’t going to come right out and tell you, “Guess what? I’m shooting heroin!”

It is therefore important to know how to spot a heroin user. What follows are seven ways to tell if someone you know is using this terrible drug.

1. Sudden behavior changes. Those who were once cheerful and full of life can turn into sullen, angry people when under the influence of heroin.

2. Changes in peer groups. Heroin users will begin to hang around with other users when the drug becomes an integral part of their lives. Even the oldest, most trusted friendships will be left behind in the name of the drug.

3. You find drug paraphernalia. Heroin use includes a variety of accessories, including needles and syringes, scales, coffee grinders, small plastic bags, etc. The user will try to hide the true purpose of these items, but taken together there is usually little question about their true purpose.

4. Money troubles. The heroin habit costs money, so those who become addicted will ask friends and family for loans, or when that fails, result to stealing money out of purses and wallets.

5. Missing possessions. If you are visiting the home of a heroin addict, you might see several items missing -TV’s, stereos, etc. That’s because selling expensive personal items is a common means of supporting a drug habit.

6. Body mutilation. Obviously, those who shoot heroin into their blood stream will begin to have needle marks on various parts of their body. Over time, these “tracks” become harder and harder to hide.

7. Drop if work or school performance. Those who become addicted to heroin are unable to focus on anything else besides the drug, and finding the next fix. On the job, performance suffers, meetings are missed and absenteeism becomes more commonplace. At school, “A” student began to see their grades fall, the perfect attendance student becomes a truant, and the same child who once dreamt of college, now only dreams of finding his or her next fix.

Once you have confirmed that someone in your life is using heroin, it is absolutely imperative that you get them the help they need to kick the habit. Interventions are totally appropriate ways to start the recovery process, since, as we mentioned above, very few drug users will admit that they have a problem on their own accord.

When someone you know is struggling with heroin addiction, contact Michael’s House at 1-877-345-8494 and get real solutions, innovative drug treatment and incredible results.