Can I Detoxify Alone?

heroin detoxMany who are living with heroin addiction have a complicated relationship with their drug of choice. On the one hand, they need it to “stay well” and avoid withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, constantly fighting off illness is a battle that never ends. The prospect of embracing these withdrawal symptoms by going through heroin detox is scary.

Unfortunately, too many addicts make it worse for themselves by choosing to attempt a heroin detox by themselves. Without the benefit of medical care and psychological support, too many end of relapsing and never quite make it to the other side. If you would like help with your heroin detox, we can provide you with the medical care you need at Michael’s House. Call us now to find out more.

Possible Complications

It is never recommended that anyone living with heroin addiction attempt to go through heroin detox without the medical supervision of professional substance abuse treatment specialists. The biggest issue is the possibility of developing medical complications when withdrawal symptoms begin during detox, complications that could be potentially fatal. Because few addicts get regular medical checkups when they are actively using, there’s a huge chance that chronic heroin addiction has caused underlying medical problems. When these go untreated, the addition of withdrawal symptoms can be too much for your body to bear.

When you choose to undergo heroin detox at a drug rehab center that has the medical resources to care for you properly, you will have medical professionals standing by to assist you should you develop complications. Additionally, they can often pinpoint potential problems before they start and head off medical risk before they have a chance to begin.

Risk of Relapse

heroin relapseAnother potentially fatal issue that crops up when heroin detox is attempted without medical supervision is relapse. One of the most common times that people die of a heroin overdose is after a period of abstinence followed by relapse. When you stop using heroin for a period of time, your tolerance for the drug goes down. When the withdrawal symptoms become too much to bear, many addicts take the same amount of heroin they are used to using. Because the body is not prepared to synthesize that amount of heroin, the response is often heroin overdose that results in coma, seizures, cardiac arrest and/ or death.

When you choose a medically supervised heroin detox, you not only have people there to support you and provide you with medications that can ease your experience of withdrawal symptoms but you also have a safe haven that will keep you from relapse. Heroin rehab is a safe place where you have no access to heroin or to those who will provide it to you. As a result, you are protected from yourself. When you want to relapse most, you will have the medical care you need to stick to your treatment goals and get through heroin detox.

Detoxification at Michael’s House

Michael’s House can provide you with the medical care and psychological support you need to successfully get through the withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin detox.

If you would like to learn more about the heroin detox options available at Michael’s House, contact us today at 1-877-345-8494.

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