From darkness into the light . . . you are the change.
An adage from Michael’s House Women’s Center

At Michael’s House Women’s Center, women can participate in a positive treatment process that focuses on resiliency and motivational principles to empower them to achieve their goals in recovery. The Women’s Center is a place of healing and hope, with community areas, recreational activities and places for reflection and down time. The multi-disciplinary team at the Women’s Center is dedicated to the well-being of each individual, and they meet together continually to discuss the progress and best options for every patient—combining their skills and expertise for a truly integrated approach to treatment.

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Patients entering the Women’s Center from the Stabilization Center may generally be in the Level 1 or Level 2 stages of change.

Clinical Program Elements

We have a comprehensive clinical program that is focused on integrated treatment for substance use and co-occurring mental health issues. Here are some of the elements of our program that are available at the Women’s Center:

Patients may also attend 12-Step meetings (onsite or offsite, depending on their treatment level) and other process groups that promote recovery.

Activities and Features

Michael’s House is built for a 45 day program, though patients may stay anywhere from 30 to 90 days. Activities are scheduled on a 6-week rotation and may vary based on where they fall on the schedule, weather and availability of staff. Here are just a few of the activities women may participate in during their treatment:

Features of the Women’s Center

The Women’s Center includes a few recreational amenities, such as the following:

Therapeutic and Holistic Elements

During the treatment at the Women’s Center, patients may also participate in some of the therapeutic and holistic elements available in our program. These may include the following:

Mindfulness and Other Therapies to Promote Healthy Living

womens-centerThrough structured experiential group work, women can replace dysfunctional coping patterns with recovery-oriented behaviors and practice seeking and accepting support. Adventure therapy increases patients’ awareness of the impact of their addiction, their ability to tolerate painful affect around those consequences, and their ability to mobilize effective coping strategies to respond to stressors. Art therapy facilitates recognition of affective states, self-expression, self-worth, identification and questioning of self-limiting beliefs, and practice with risk-taking. Mindful walks offer patients the opportunity to connect to the environment and center their energy.

During treatment, patients will also be working through the Foundations Recovery Network Treatment Workbook, which provides educational information and opportunities for processing and learning in recovery. The therapeutic elements of our program work together to create a unique healing experience.

Healing Life Nutrition

Michael’s House offers a unique and fulfilling culinary experience that supports the mind, body and spirit in the recovery process. Our chefs work with the most wholesome and highest quality ingredients. Our goal is to introduce patients to the healing properties of fresh foods which allow the body to reach a balance that reduces cravings, creates strength, calms the emotions and brings clarity of mind. The time and care spent creating “slow food” allows us to be able to offer a vast variety of creative meals. Awareness during food preparation and exceptional attention to detail provide each patient with a new perspective on food and healing without compromising great taste and delicious flavors. What we are creating is a lasting result that can be experienced by our patients well beyond their commitment with us. We are grateful for the opportunity to share and provide high standards in nourishment and healing.

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