Though many consider it a harmless drug, there is a large body of research that connects prolonged marijuana use to addiction and deterioration of the brain’s functions. For these reasons, and host of other issues that affect the life of the marijuana user and his family, it is important to recognize the signs of marijuana use and then get help for the individual who is using the drug.

Smoking potMarijuana, while not proven to clinically addictive, still maintains the power to drain the life out the individual. Help the person you love admit that they have a problem, and do everything you can to help them research and enroll in a drug treatment program that understands the special needs of those who have developed a dependence on marijuana.

Michael’s House works with individuals addicted to marijuana every day. The ground-breaking programs at Michael’s House consist of treating the entire individual, changing their behaviors so that they no longer need marijuana in their life, and possess the skills to live a productive drug-free life when they leave the program.

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