Though many consider it a harmless drug, there is a large body of research that connects prolonged marijuana use to addiction and deterioration of the brain’s functions. For these reasons, and host of other issues that affect the life of the marijuana user and his family, it is important to recognize the signs of marijuana use and then get help for the individual who is using the drug.

marijuana addiction signs

7 signs of marijuana use

1. Loss of train of thought during conversation. Trying to hold a normal conversation with an individual who is high on marijuana can be a challenge. While intoxicated the individual will lack the ability to stay focused on the topic of conversation, and may drift into other, unrelated subject matters.

2. Increased appetite. One of the effects of marijuana use is binge eating. After smoking pot, the individual will want to gorge himself on large amounts of junk food and sweets.

3. Lack of energy, loss of motivation. Marijuana causes a distinct lack of motivation in the user. Look for a loss of interest in activities that were once a prominent part of the individual’s life. Also, the marijuana user may sleep excessively until late in the day. Bad sleep habits are another common sign of marijuana use.

4. Possession of drug paraphernalia related to smoking marijuana. Look for materials such as bongs, rolling papers, roach clips, pipes or other items used to smoke or store marijuana.

5. Inappropriate laughter. When an individual is intoxicated from smoking marijuana, they will sometimes laugh uncontrollably, even at highly inappropriate moments.

6. Legal or financial problems. Two concerns with drug users in general is a constant need for money and brushes with the law. Both are warning signs of marijuana use as well, as the individual spends all his money to finance the drug habit. Engagement with law enforcement is also a potential warning sign, as the individual will likely be transporting the illegal substance from place to place.

7. Paranoia. One of the most serious consequences of marijuana use is paranoia. Watch for behavior that includes suspicious thoughts and feelings that “everyone is out to get” the individual in question.

If someone in your life is exhibiting any of these behaviors, it is important that provide help and support.


Marijuana, while not proven to clinically addictive, still maintains the power to drain the life out the individual. Help the person you love admit that they have a problem, and do everything you can to help them research and enroll in a drug treatment program that understands the special needs of those who have developed a dependence on marijuana.

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