Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

What is marijuana withdrawal?

marijuana withdrawal

It is very important to help individuals stop using marijuana. Despite its reputation as being a “harmless drug”, marijuana -when used to excess over time -carries with it several key health consequences including cancer, long term memory loss and some serious mental health issues.

Although the debate remains open about whether or not marijuana is truly an addictive drug, there is no question that many individuals do indeed suffer withdrawal symptoms after they stop using marijuana after a prolonged period.

Symptoms of marijuana withdrawal

The withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping marijuana use are similar to those experienced by individuals who stop using tobacco.

The symptoms are rarely life-threatening, but they are enough of deterrence to where they keep individuals from giving up marijuana for good.

Among the most common withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana use are:

  • Irritability -when the marijuana user does not get their “fix”, there is a tendency to experience extreme irritability which may be taken out on friends and loved ones.
  • Anxiety -as the individual struggles without their drug of choice they may become anxious, or in some cases even paranoid.
  • Physical tension -withdrawal from marijuana often manifests itself as a serious tension of the joints and also as headaches.
  • Decreases in appetite and mood -when an individual stops smoking marijuana, they may experience a drastic loss of appetite as well as depression and bad moods.
  • Stomach pain -stomach cramps and other aches in the stomach area are common among through going through marijuana withdrawal.
  • Restlessness -restless legs, arms and body are all a part of going through the withdrawal process from marijuana. Also, an individual may experience a difficulty sleeping.
  • Anorexia -it does not occur commonly, but lack of appetite brought on by withdrawal can lead to this serious eating disorder.
  • Insomnia
  • Increased aggression / anger
  • Strange dreams

Marijuana withdrawal generally lasts for 5-7 days depending upon the individual and the amount and length of the marijuana use. During the first days of marijuana withdrawal, the symptoms will be at their most intense. It is during these initial stages of withdrawal that relapse is most likely to occur as individuals search for relief from the discomfort.

It is important to get help if you wish to quit using marijuana. Professional will be able to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms and move on to a cleaner life, free of marijuana.

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