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What to expect when you call »

Making the Call

Here are some of the topics our Admissions Coordinator may discuss with you during the initial conversation:

  • Travel arrangements for you or your loved one to and from treatment
  • Your insurance policy and what benefits may help cover the cost of treatment. Michael's House accepts many private insurances and can also work with you on a payment plan.
  • Recommended programs, length of stay and accommodations.
  • Getting help from a sober escort or family mediator, especially if you are calling on behalf of a loved one.


We care about your unique situation and your needs. At Michael's House, our goal is to provide lifetime recovery solutions.

Each structured weekly program includes:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Primary therapy groups
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Structured metaphor/experiential groups
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Dual diagnosis groups
  • Medication groups
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Trauma therapy
  • 12-Step meetings – DDRA, CoDA, AA, NA, OA
  • Co-dependency groups
  • Adventure experiences

We support patients with an integrated, multi-disciplinary team. Primary therapists, consulting physicians, residential therapists, nurses, group leaders and others are all part of a patient’s treatment team. This team meets weekly to discuss the progress of each patient and to plan for his or her stability and recovery.

Adventure Experiences

Adventure experiences and recreational activities range from light morning walks to intense hikes in the colorful desert and canyon landscape.The nearby Joshua Tree National Park provides a world-class hiking opportunity while offering time for mindfulness and anxiety relief. The Palm Springs Tramway is a popular choice because it offers a gentle, scenic ride up to a forest hiking spot that gives patients a unique low-impact experience of a beautiful mountain range.

Family Program

Michael’s House staff is committed to provide patients with a variety of tools, experiences and knowledge related to substance abuse and mental health recovery. Providing a three-day intensive family program is one way for families, partners and loved ones to share in this experience. This program enables families and supportive others to begin or continue in the healing process through validation, education, and support.