3 Stages of Recovery

oxycontin addictionOxyContin addiction developed through stages. You began with experimentation or a prescription for pain. Your OxyContin use was initially non-threatening and eventually hit a stage where it was dangerous. That danger increased until you realized that you were at a crisis point and then you chose OxyContin rehab. Your experience in OxyContin addiction recovery is also defined by stages. You have to go through the initial phase of withdrawal that is often defined by physical illness. When this passes, most generally have a happy or “pink cloud” phase, followed by a crash and then… the real work begins.

At Michael’s House, we offer an OxyContin rehab program that includes OxyContin detox and addiction treatment. We can help you through every step of your OxyContin addiction recovery. Call now for more information.

Withdrawal and Physical Illness

OxyContin withdrawal symptoms during OxyContin detox is unavoidable. How you choose to handle it is the debatable difference. Some opt for a “cold turkey” detox that includes no addictive medication. You may be prescribed medications that treat the symptoms of withdrawal (i.e., sleep medication if you have insomnia or non-addictive painkillers for muscle aches) but the idea is to flush all the addictive substances out of your system so that your body resets and adjusts to being without OxyContin.

Another option is a longer process but it has fewer initial withdrawal symptoms: methadone maintenance or Suboxone treatment. This is a kind of replacement medication that tricks the body into believing that some amount of OxyContin is in your system so that your body doesn’t exhibit withdrawal symptoms. Over time, you slowly decrease the amount of the medication until you are dependent on nothing.

Pink Cloud Phase

pink cloud phase

After withdrawal is over and you adjust to not constantly craving and seeking OxyContin, the happy phase – often called the “pink cloud” phase – begins. Deeply enamored with recovery, the view is that life is perfect and nothing can ever go wrong. You often feel invincible, like nothing will ever threaten your OxyContin addiction recovery. This is usually followed by an emotional crash or a slow deflation as you realize that nothing comes without hard work and that staying OxyContin addiction-free happens day by day as you consistently make the decision not to take opiate painkillers.

The Real Work Begins

Making the next right decision is the only way to successfully navigate OxyContin addiction recovery. It’s too much to take on the rest of your life or even the next year. It’s a daily process in which you continually choose to do something other than take prescription opiates or use other drugs and alcohol.

You fill your time with positive friendships, work and hobbies that are interesting and rewarding and build your support network so that when you feel tempted to relapse, you have people to talk you through it. This stage of your OxyContin addiction recovery is where you will spend most of your time.

Addiction Recovery at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we can help you through all stages of your OxyContin addiction recovery. Call us at now to learn more about OxyContin detox, OxyContin rehab and our aftercare services.

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