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Making the Call

Here are some of the topics our Admissions Coordinator may discuss with you during the initial conversation:

  • Travel arrangements for you or your loved one to and from treatment
  • Your insurance policy and what benefits may help cover the cost of treatment. Michael's House accepts many private insurances and can also work with you on a payment plan.
  • Recommended programs, length of stay and accommodations.
  • Getting help from a sober escort or family mediator, especially if you are calling on behalf of a loved one.


We care about your unique situation and your needs. At Michael's House, our goal is to provide lifetime recovery solutions.

CEO and Medical Director

  • Craig-MacLaughlin2

    Craig MacLaughlin, LMFT

  • Barbara Lampert

    Barbara Lampert
    Medical Director

Clinical Managers

  • Nicolle Walters

    Nicolle Walters, PhD
    Outpatient Clinical Manager

  • Elizabeth Ross

    Elizabeth Ross, PhD
    Clinical Manager

  • Starr Sullivan

    Starr Sullivan, LMFT
    Family Program Manager

  • Paul-Lorona-MFT-Primary-Therapist

    Paul Lorona, MFT
    Clinical Director

  • Jordan-Weisman-Psy.D.-Clinical-Manager

    Jordan Weisman, Psy.D.
    Clinical Manager

  • Peter-Shorts-Therapist

    Peter Shorts, MSW
    Clinical Manager Stabilization

Clinical Staff

  • Patino

    Monica Patino, MFTI
    Primary Therapist

  • Debra Wilson

    Debra Wilson, MFTi
    IOP Clinical Assistant

  • Monica Von Eggers

    Monica Von Eggers, LPC
    Primary Therapist

  • Gomez

    Gregory Gomez, MA, MFTI, PCCI
    Family Therapist

  • Bryce Bailey

    Bryce Bailey, A.T.R.
    Men’s House Therapist

  • Goldwasser

    Harry Goldwasser, M.D.

  • John Geohegan

    John Geohegan, L.P.T.
    IOP Psychiatric Technician

  • Norma Giovanda

    Norma Giovanda, Ph.D.
    Women’s House Therapist

  • Charles Nesbitt

    Charles Nesbitt
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • no-profile-image

    William Munce, LMFT
    Primary Therapist

  • Monique Montigny

    Monique Montigny
    Primary Therapist

  • Lorraine Little

    Lorraine Little
    Clinical Assistant and Fitness Trainer

  • Greg Varra

    Greg Varra
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Freda Addeo

    Freda Addeo, MFT-I, LAADC
    Primary Therapist

  • Ed Cuerto

    Ed Cueto
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Ann Duggar

    Ann Dugger
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Ann Legierski

    Ann Legierski

  • Ruth-Fikes-Utilization-Review-Manager

    Ruth Fikes, LMFT

  • Paul d'Entremont

    Paul d’Entremont
    Director, Michael’s House Outpatient Center

  • Michelle-Brady-Residental-Counselor-III-Stabilization-Center

    Michelle Brady
    RC Supervisor

  • Jack Andrus

    Jack Andrus, B.S., CADACII
    Outpatient Clinical Assistant

  • Sandra-D.-Adler-LMFT-PhD-ABD-CBT-Primary-Therapist

    Sandra D. Adler (Sandy), LMFT, Ph.D. (ABD), CBT
    Primary Therapist

  • Michael Byrnes

    Michael Byrnes
    Intake Manager

  • Linda-Hyman-MFT-Primary-Therapist

    Linda Hyman, MFT
    Primary Therapist

  • Freda-Addeo-CAADAC-II-and-LAADAC-Clinical-Assistant

    Freda Addeo, CAADAC II and LAADAC
    Primary Therapist

  • Donnie-Strom-Client-Care-Coordinator

    Donnie Strom
    Patient Care Coordinator

  • Stacy-Clark-Lead-Residential-Counsler-Womens-House

    Stacy Clark
    Clinical Assistant, Stabilization Center

  • teresa-miller

    Teresa Miller, LMFT
    Primary Therapist

  • robert-ischinger

    Robert Ischinger, LMFT
    Primary Therapist

Medical Support Staff

  • Sharon Castro

    Sharon Castro
    Utilization Review Manager

  • Daniel Fuller

    Daniel Fuller, L.V.N.
    Men’s Center Nursing Supervisor

  • Linda Santiago

    Linda Santiago, LVN, RADT-1
    Lead Nurse

  • Dr. Joseph Mott

    Joseph Abraham Mott, M.D., J.D., DABAM
    Staff Physician

  • Kathy-Robledo-LVN-Lead-Nurse-MHSC

    Kathy Robledo LVN
    Nurse Manager

  • Sonia-Rincon-Lead-Nurse1

    Sonia Rincon LVN
    Lead Nurse

Facility Operations

  • Chandra

    Chandra Pivo
    Lead Transportation Coordinator

  • Chef Jorge

    Jorge Luis Gutierrez
    Executive Chef

  • Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez
    Housekeeping Manager

  • Rodarte

    Joseph Rodarte
    Director of Facilities

  • Catherine McLeod

    Catherine McLeod
    Business Office Manager

  • Vanessa Wentwoord

    Vanessa Wentwoord
    Community Coordinator

  • Scott Lowther

    Scott Lowther
    Regional HR Manager

  • David Ortiz Iniguez

    David Ortiz Iniguez
    Business Office Manager

  • Renee_Baribeau

    Renee Baribeau
    Community Relations and Marketing Coordinator