Linda Hyman is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a Bachelor’s degree in French.  She has two Master’s degrees from Chapman University, Palm Desert Campus: one in school counseling and the other in psychology with a marriage and family therapy emphasis. Linda comes from Scotland, Great Britain, and has lived in the desert for 22 years. Linda has worked in the field of education and in both agency and private practice settings with a wide variety of clients, many of whom have had issues with drugs and alcohol, often necessitating CPS intervention and the subsequent removal of their children.

Linda’s three children, adopted from Ecuador, South America, have all had issues with drugs and alcohol.  She lost her youngest child to suicide in 2000, which has undoubtedly been the most traumatic event of her life.

Linda’s goal is to facilitate healing and to assist her clients in entering and walking the path of recovery. Her core belief is that we always have the choice to change and to cooperate with the people who are seeking to help us.