Norma Giovanda

Norma Giovanda holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, an M.S. in psychology and a B.S. in criminal justice. Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Illness Management and Recovery (IMR), seeking safety, prime for life risk reduction, and youth transition to independence intervention approaches, she’s also a certified neurological behavioral coach.

Dr. Giovanda has worked in clinical settings for more than seven years, serving patients who range from severely mentally ill to those struggling with mild mental and behavioral health challenges related to social/relationship issues, financial struggles, substance dependence/abuse and trauma. She also assists those who experience hardship related to LGBT communities, post-traumatic stress, sexual/sexuality issues, depression, anxiety, homelessness, psychosis, delusions and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Her 11 years of military service (three in the U.S. Army and eight years with the U.S. Marine Corps) have informed her treatment of servicemen and women with post-traumatic stress, grief and bereavement issues related to their service.

In 2013, Dr. Giovanda published her first self-help guide for caregivers of mentally ill children and youth, Mommy I Hear Voices and Other Stories of Coping and Hoping. In 2015, she published her dissertation, “Examination of ADHD Symptoms in Children of Traveling Armed Services Members.” She specializes in educating consumers on symptom management and behavior modification.