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Making the Call

Here are some of the topics our Admissions Coordinator may discuss with you during the initial conversation:

  • Travel arrangements for you or your loved one to and from treatment
  • Your insurance policy and what benefits may help cover the cost of treatment. Michael's House accepts many private insurances and can also work with you on a payment plan.
  • Recommended programs, length of stay and accommodations.
  • Getting help from a sober escort or family mediator, especially if you are calling on behalf of a loved one.


We care about your unique situation and your needs. At Michael's House, our goal is to provide lifetime recovery solutions.

Alcohol Rehab

Effective alcohol rehabilitation programs provide a variety of services aimed at meeting the treatment goals and needs of the people they serve. At Michael's House, you can determine the pace for your recovery according to your readiness to heal or change.

Drug Rehab

During your rehabilitation from drugs at Michael's House, we can help you stabilize physically and mentally so that you can heal and learn new techniques that will help you thrive in recovery. Each day we are assisting individuals in the process of establishing a foundation of recovery so they can function effectively in their families, workplaces, and communities.

Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox at Michael's House is supervised by consulting physicians, and we have 24 hour nursing so that needs can be met as they arise. We use social model detox, meaning that patients will be able to interact with others and stabilize through gentle exercises as they allow their bodies to adjust to the absence of alcohol. Detox is the first step in a comprehensive treatment and recovery process.

Drug Detox

Our experienced staff of treatment professionals and consulting physicians will assist you through the drug detox process and on to the next phase of your treatment. We believe in a comprehensive approach that addresses the needs of the whole person in recovery. For more on what the complete treatment program would look like, please call us for more information.


Our outpatient program features three levels that build on the levels system used in our residential program. Patients begin with three hours of education per day, focusing on developing a schedule for a life of sobriety, increasing their recovery skill sets, continuing in group therapy, and gaining valuable relapse prevention awareness.

Mental Health

At Michael’s House, we provide care for people who have both mental illness issues and addiction issues. Often, people with mental illnesses need to obtain targeted help from dedicated professionals in formal treatment programs. Using personally tailored programs our therapists work closely with clients, ensuring that their wants and needs are respected, and that they aren’t pushed into situations in which they don’t feel comfortable.

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