Paying for Addiction Treatment

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Paying for addiction treatment services is one of the top concerns for people considering alcohol and drug addiction rehab. For many, the cost of addiction treatment services sounds too high to even consider. The result? No treatment for a drug and alcohol addiction that is already devastating and increased issues with health, career, family and friends because of it.

At Michael’s House, we believe addiction treatment services should be available to everyone who needs them. If you have questions about how you can pay for our residential addiction treatment services or a stay in our sober living facilities, contact us at Michael’s House at 760-548-4032 today.

Paying for Addiction Treatment Services: Insurance Options

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Drug and alcohol addiction is a medical disease and, as such, its treatment at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is often covered by many health insurance policies. Every health insurance policy is different, so double check the fine print and consult your insurance agent if you have questions.

Additionally, if you are currently employed, many companies have services in place to assist you in covering the costs. It may be a part of an employer-subsidized health insurance program or it may be a separate set-up for employees who need a brief leave of absence to treat a health issue like drug addiction. Talk to human resources to find out what’s available.

Paying for Addiction Treatment Services: Borrowing It

Do you have any family member who is willing to pay for treatment? Do you have a savings account or retirement account that you can borrow from to pay for your addiction treatment services? Drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a medical necessity if you are struggling with addiction. It is important that you get treatment sooner rather than later, once you recognize the need for medical help. An investment in your health is one that could mean a great deal in return and, certainly, if you are borrowing from friends and relatives, they will see the benefit of paying your treatment provider directly so that you can get the addiction treatment services you need.

Paying for Addiction Treatment Services: Is it Worth It?

When you invest in paying for your addiction treatment services, you are not only helping your present life, but you are investing against the development of or worsening of problems in the future. Think of the health and hospital bills you will incur if you continue using it at your current rate. Think about how much you spend each month on your drug of choice. Think about how long it will take you to lose your job if you haven’t already or the job opportunities you will lose due to your drug and/ or alcohol addiction. The sum of these costs is far higher than any addiction treatment services.

Of course, you could end up paying the highest cost of all if you don’t pay for addiction treatment services: death due to drug overdose or deadly decisions made under the influence.

Addiction Treatment Services at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we are willing to work with you when it comes to helping you find the funds to pay for your addiction treatment services here at our facility in Palm Springs, California. If you have any questions about how we can help you, contact us today at 760-548-4032 for more information.

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