What Are The Costs Of Alcohol Detox?

When you or a loved one is ready to get help for the disease of addiction, an alcohol detoxification program is often the first step forward in your recovery. These programs offer an opportunity to help you get sober. When your mind clears,your body begins to heal.Then you will be prepared to participate in the treatment programs that allow you to stay sober for the rest of your life.

Medically supervised detox is the best first step, but you may be worried whether you can afford the treatment you need to get better. These concerns are understandable, particularly for individuals and families that have been devastated by years of addiction.The good news is that there are a number of ways to help take care of any costs and to help you move forward with care.

Looking at Your Insurance Options

Health insurance claim formAccording to the Illinois Department of Insurance, most insurance providers use the concept of “medical necessity” in determining the coverage of health services.1 In general, this means that treatments and therapies considered reasonable and vital for health are covered.

Here are a few examples of therapies that might be covered:

In some cases, health insurance programs may not cover inpatient detox, unless a doctor deems the decision medically necessary. From the insurance provider’s perspective, some individuals find success with outpatient treatment and do not attend an outpatient residential facility. Again, this is not a blanket statement for all individuals. Get all of the information that is available before you come to any conclusions. Here at Michael’s House, we’re happy to help you figure out available treatment options.

If your health insurance company does not coverall of the cost of detox, you (or your family) could be required to pick up the rest of the bill. In some cases, that leftover amount due is quite small. Detoxification from alcohol is often accomplished in about a week. It is possible that some of the treatment is not considered a necessity by your insurance.

Financial Help Is Available

Most treatment programs provide payment plans for families to provide budget-friendly options for treatment. Some programs even have a sliding scale depending on income levels. In general, financial concerns should not keep people away alcohol treatment. If an individual continues to abuse alcohol,the health concerns grow.

If you are concerned about money and that’s been keeping you out of alcohol addiction treatment, please let us help. Just call Michael’s House, and we can explore your insurance coverage options together. In many cases, if you have health insurance a portion of treatment is covered under the Affordable Care Act.2

Even if you don’t have insurance, do not hesitate to contact us at Michael’s House. Call now and we will be glad to assist you. We will listen carefully to all of your needs and come up with a treatment plan that helps you move forward. Don’t wait any longer. Get the information you need so you can live a sober life.


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