Warning Signs of a Problem

AlcoholismIf you’re wondering about your drinking habits—or the habits of someone you care about—it can be helpful to know the warning signs of alcoholism.These boundaries can let you know when your alcohol consumption is reaching dangerous levels and, in some cases, can let you know when it is time to get alcohol addiction treatment.

At Michael’s House, we can help you take heed of alcoholism warning signs and get alcohol addiction treatment in a timely manner. Through alcohol detox, counseling and therapy, you can change your life and avoid the negative effects of alcoholism.

Drinking at Inappropriate Times

While these actions may look different for each individual, some common examples of inappropriate drinking include drinking alone or in secret. For example, you may find yourself drinking in the morning, at work or drinking at events when no one else is drinking.

In the same way, drinking too much—even when the time is appropriate—can be a warning sign of alcoholism. You may find yourself drinking a bottle of wine at dinner when everyone else drinks only a glass, or ordering a pitcher of beer when everyone else is ordering a bottle.

You Need Alcohol to Function or Enjoy Yourself

Alcoholics don’t enjoy going to events that do not include drinking. If given the choice, many will stay home instead of going. If they can’t avoid the activity, they may try to drink in secret. In some cases, individuals cannot function without alcohol. They may drink at work, church events, family gatherings, and sober occasions. Without alcohol, the alcoholic begins to feel ill and is unable to make it through the day. He may have withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, anxiety or more.1

Often, family members will not even know when an alcoholic begins drinking. The individual is so used to drinking in large amounts, alcoholics often function despite having ingested large amounts of alcohol. As a result, friends and family members are often fooled.

Alcohol-Related Health Problems

If you or someone you love is experiencing chronic health problems due to alcohol use, consider those to be warning signs not to be ignored. Maybe your physical appearance is suffering and you have gained weight or have an unhealthy skin color.2 When you drink too much alcohol liver problems, kidney issues, heart murmurs and other health problems can result. Without treatment, these problems can lead to liver failure, kidney failure, heart disease and other deadly health issues.

Though you may not be able to reverse these issues with alcohol rehab, you can stop them from getting worse and learn how to manage them without further problems.

Respond to Warning Signs at Michael’s House

If you recognize these or other alcoholism warning signs in yourself or someone you love, call us at Michael’s House. At our Palm Springs alcohol rehab, you can stop alcoholism in its tracks with alcohol detox and addiction treatment. Our aftercare services will ensure that you have the support you need to maintain sobriety long after you return home.Call us now at 1-877-345-8494 to find out more.

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