What to Expect at Rehab Many are unsure what to expect when they got to alcohol rehab. In some cases, this fear of the unknown may even become a deterrent, stopping those who need it from getting alcohol addiction treatment. Though alcohol rehab is not a vacation, it is far less dangerous than continuing to live with alcoholism or attempting to stop drinking alone.

At Michael’s House, we can help allay your fears by answering your questions about what to expect in alcohol rehab. Contact us today at 760-548-4032 for more information.

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Expect an Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is the first part of any comprehensive alcohol rehab. The first order of business is stabilizing your physically and if you are dependent upon alcohol to the point that you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, then alcohol detox will help you get through those withdrawal symptoms as safely and comfortably as possible.

You may be prescribed medication to simplify the process and you will be monitored through the experience to ward off complications caused by co-occurring disorders. As you feel ready, you will begin to incorporate other aspects of alcohol rehab into your daily schedule, including therapy and support groups.

Expect Therapy and Support Groups

Behavioral therapy and support groups, including 12-step meetings, are a big part of any alcohol rehab. The emotional support and psychological healing that occurs within the parameters of these sessions is crucial to the success of any alcohol addiction treatment program.

By talking about your experience with addiction, you can get an objective view and guidance from professionals in the substance abuse treatment field as well as support from your peers who have experienced the same thing. It is easy to want to isolate yourself after a bout with alcoholism, but studies show us that those who reach out and develop a support system in recovery will be more successful in the long run. The bulk of alcohol rehab will be devoted to helping you create this support system, as well as learn as much as possible about the nature of addiction and the best way to fight relapse when you return home.

Expect Aftercare Services

Alcohol rehab doesn’t end the day you graduate from the program. Instead, an effective alcohol rehab facility will offer aftercare services in the form of offsite check-ins with counselors or onsite sober living facilities.

Offsite check-ins may occur in person or over the phone depending upon where you live, but the goal is to make sure that you maintain your support after treatment. Sober living is an onsite option that allows those who are not ready to return home after alcohol rehab to remain living where there is 24-hour support and a general agreement that alcohol and drugs are not an option for anyone in the house.

Getting Treatment at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, our alcohol rehab program offers all three of the components listed above: alcohol detox, alcohol addiction treatment via psychological therapies and support groups, and aftercare services.

If you would like to learn more about our alcohol rehab program at Michael’s House, contact us today at 760-548-4032.