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You faced the challenge of treatment head on, establishing healthy habits and using new tools to get through the tough days. You’ve done the hard work and set new goals. Now, as you prepare to leave Michael’s House, the real adventure begins. You face that challenge known as life. Fortunately, our Life Challenge program has your back. Think of it as your recovery fan club. We’ve seen you do some pretty amazing things here, and we’re coming along for the ride to remind you of past victories and celebrate new milestones.

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Once you leave Michael’s House and begin adjusting to your new normal, you join The Life Challenge family, where you’re more than just a name on a list. Our alumni motivators are here to encourage and support you and your success. We’ll follow-up through your preferred means of communication — phone calls, text messages or email — to provide a pep talk or victory dance. We’re invested in you and live to celebrate your achievements, both big and small.

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