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10 Dangers of Crystal Meth Addiction

Crystal meth

One look at a person who has been struggling with crystal meth addiction for years should tell you everything you need to know about the dangers of this drug. People who have abused meth often wear their story of addiction through apparent premature aging. However, in case you need more evidence, the following are ten facts about crystal meth abuse and addiction that should motivate users to seek help for their loved ones to get them into treatment.

Meth is classified as a stimulant and causes the user to feel intense highs. It is available legally only for specific circumstances and prescribed by a qualified physician.[1]

Because it is highly addictive, it is associated with many dangers, including the following:

10 Dangers of Crystal Meth Addiction

  1. Tremors and convulsionsCrystal meth can send your body into a state of chaos with uncontrollable twitching and violent tremors.
  2. Severe movement disordersDoctors have described the movement disorders associated with crystal meth use as “similar to Parkinson’s Disease.”
  3. Respiratory problemsLong-term side effects of crystal meth use include labor breathing and other respiratory concerns.
  4. StrokesCrystal meth can damage the blood vessels in the brain so severely that the individual suffers a stroke.
  5. AnorexiaFemale crystal meth addicts have a high incidence of anorexia, as they are so consumed by the drug that they fail to take in the nutrients their body needs to survive.[2]
  6. CrimeMany hardcore crystal meth users have been known to turn to crime (especially robbery) as a means of financing their drug habit.
  7. Broken relationshipsWhen an individual develops a crystal meth addiction, the drug becomes the only thing of importance in their lives. That means family and friends are neglected in the name of the drug.
  8. Problems achieving sexual climaxAlthough some short-term users report a more engaging sexual appetite, long-term use of crystal meth leads to the inability to achieve an erection or sexual climax.
  9. “Meth mouth”One of the hallmark symptoms of crystal meth addiction is the degradation of the teeth and gums. Meth mouth can spotted casually as the individual’s dental health falls into disrepair.
  10. Mood swingsIndividuals who use crystal meth are prone to violent mood swings, often moving for intense euphoria into depression or anger without warning.[3]

It is common for people to find themselves fighting a meth addiction unintentionally and feel the stigma associated with it. Although these dangers may be a turn-off to the drug, addiction is a complicated disease and difficult to fight alone, especially through willpower by itself.

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