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4 Surprising Facts About Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol (generic name: flunitrazepam) is a habit-forming sedative. It is often known by its slang name, “roofies.” It is illegal to sell, use or possess this drug in the United States because of its use as a date-rape drug. However, it is still legal in other parts of the world where it used as a sedative and, in severe cases, as an anti-anxiety medication or sleep aid. People also abuse this drug, which can be quite dangerous and lead to addiction.

Rohypnol dependence and addiction usually develops as a result of continued abuse of the substance. We’ve compiled some surprising facts about Rohypnol abuse and addiction:

  1. Rohypnol addiction is a real problem, but it is a treatable disease. Rohypnol addiction is much like any other addiction: most people never intend to become dependent on this substance. A common stereotype associated with addiction is that drug users lack willpower and that their substance abuse is the result of one poor decision after another.

    Although substance abuse may begin with a personal decision to use a drug, substances such as Rohypnol rewire the brain, making both physical and psychological dependence a real possibility. The progression of addiction is beyond the user’s control, which is why medical professionals classify addiction as a brain disease. Rohypnol addiction can be treated with supportive, evidence-based drug rehab.

  1. Rohypnol addiction can impact people from all walks of life. The majority of people who misuse Rohypnol are employed, have friends, have families who love them, and have goals for their lives. Stereotypes perpetuate the myth that the majority of drug users are “thugs” or degenerates.

    Addiction, however, is an incredibly common disease that affects people from all walks of life. People who have become dependent on a drug like Rohypnol have probably become very good at hiding their substance use. Over time, it will become more difficult to hide the problem.

  1. It is a big deal to get caught with Rohypnol, and it will impact your life. Addiction is an expensive habit. People who use illegal drugs often go on to spend hundreds of dollars or more each day in order to obtaining their drug of choice. Compared to other illicit substances, Rohypnol is relatively inexpensive, costing anywhere from one to five dollars per pill. This cost will add up in addiction, but it doesn’t compare to the cost of a criminal record for possession of an illegal substance. Rohypnol is dangerous for your health, and it can cost you thousands of dollars in fines or jail time.

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  1. Combining Rohypnol with alcohol or other drugs can stop breathing and lead to unexpected death. Alcohol is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. Many people who use alcohol are able to do so safely. However, alcohol can become a dangerous substance for someone who uses Rohypnol. Roofies depress the central nervous system, cause intoxication, and relax muscles — sometimes to the point that vital muscles stop working properly.

    When Rohypnol is combined with alcohol or any other depressant drug, the user’s heart rate and breathing may begin to slow. In high doses, the user’s body may completely shut down, and breathing may stop. Combining this powerful sedative with any drug is incredibly dangerous.

Rohypnol addiction is a dangerous disease that can have lasting physical, mental and emotional effects on the user. Early intervention provides the best possible outcome. Rehab treatment for Rohypnol addiction typically combines medical, psychological and, in some cases, holistic treatment methods.

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By Kathryn Millán, LPC/MHSP, Contributing Writer